Overall description:

Get an in-depth understanding of the Blockchain technology

  • Learn from doers and understand the core of the Blockchain mechanisms
  • Get insights from innovative Blockchain projects

Prototype your own Blockchain-based social project

  • Turn your learnings into action
  • Benefit from proven MakeSense and N3XTCODER expertise in boosting social-startups

Join us on Wednesday July, 2017 for a hands-on workshop supported by MakeSense the #1 French incubator for social and environmental projects. Be part of a small group of participants to get started with the technology of the future.

You might have heard about Blockchain as the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But applications of this technology go way beyond cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has the potential to impact many parts of daily life as well as any organizational and operational model that is based on the exchange of values and transactions of any kind (related to services, products, rights, identities, etc.)

We will dive deeper into the concept of blockchain technology and how it could be used to provide innovative solutions for the social sector. We will explore practical use cases and best practice examples in the areas of energy, food and finance, always with a specific emphasis on creating social impact.

Throughout the workshops, participants will explore more about the logic of smart contracts and develop their own blockchain based models with the potential to create significant social impact.

portrait of Leonhard Nima

Leonhard Nima

(Co-Founder N3XTCODER)

portrait of Basile Michardière

Basile Michardière

(Startup Mentor MakeSense)

The workshop will encompass 3 major themes

  1. Concept: Understanding the idea and principles of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts
  2. Applications: Understanding how current blockchain-based models work
  3. Future Models: Developing models for the social sector based on blockchain technology

Workshop Participants:

  • Developers interested in the tech/principles behind blockchain
  • Product People who want to understand the possibilities & limitations of blockchain in building new kinds of products
  • Inquisitive Minds, curious to understand blockchain in a deeper level and how this blockchain future might look
  • Social Organizations who want to explore benefits for their causes

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • A better understanding of how blockchain works and why some consider it the technology of the future
  • A better understanding of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. How they function, how they are evolving and how you can acquire them
  • Become familiar with blockchain concepts like the ethereum foundation, smart contracts, distributed ledger, ICOs, token systems, etc
  • Developed new and innovative models for the social sector based on the blockchain technology

**Skill level:** Beginner – Intermediate

What skills are required:

  • Tech-savvy attitude and openness to learn about latest technologies is valuable
  • No specific coding skills are required