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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are certainly among the most discussed topics in the technology sector. While many are cautious that these technologies will have a tremendous impact on basically every aspect of life, others are sceptical about the possible negative implications this technology might have on society and humanity.

During the workshop, we want to dive into this rather new world. You will explore the technological basics of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and learn more about Predictive Analysis, Predictive Modelling, Neural Networks and Deep Learning from a conceptual point of view.

We will then take a look at several use cases, with a particular focus on solutions that set a concrete focus on tackling some of society’s most pressing needs.

Portrait of Norman Rzepka

Norman Rzepka

(Co-Founder scalable minds and Racemap)

Portrait of Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

(Co-Founder N3XTCODER)

The workshop will encompass 3 major themes:

  • Concept: Understanding the key ideas and principles of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Applications: Working on a prototypical machine learning application and understanding how machine learning drives current solutions for the social sector
  • Future Models: Developing solutions for the social sector based on machine learning

Workshop Participants:

  • Developers interested in the principles behind machine learning
  • Business representatives who want to understand the possibilities & limitations of machine learning in building new kinds of products
  • Inquisitive Minds, curious to understand machine learning in a deeper level
  • Social Organizations who want to explore benefits for their causes

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • A better understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Learned about various machine learning technologies and models
  • Developed new and innovative models for the social sector based on the machine learning technology