For our first N3XTCODER Session we will team up with the Tech Open Air, Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival, and host a N3XTCODER TOA Satellite Event.

Join us on Wednesday, July 13 for an inspirational discussion about the role of technology and how to use its full potential to tackle society’s most pressing needs. We are happy to welcome you for a dialogue with Saskia Bruysten (CEO of Yunus Social Business), Jens Wiechers (CTO & Data Scientist of RetroBrain R&D) and Wolfgang Gründinger (German Association of the Digital Economy – BVDW).

Portrait of Saskia Bruysten

Saskia Bruysten

CEO Yunus Social Business

Portrait of Jens Wiechers

Jens Wiechers

CTO & Data Scientist of RetroBrain R&D

Portrait of Wolfgang Gründinger

Wolfgang Gründinger

German Association of the Digital Economy – BVDW

Portrait of Leonhard Nima

Leonhard Nima

Founder of Nima Social Business Consulting

About our speakers

Saskia Bruysten is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yunus Social Business, an organization founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. This social business supports, accelerates and finances entrepreneurs in developing economies to address social problems using business principles.

Also on stage will be Jens Wiechers, CTO & Data Scientist of RetroBrain R&D. The healthcare tech start up from Hamburg is fighting dementia with Medical Video Games. RetroBrain unleashes the therapeutic power that lies in a medical use of fun-oriented gaming experiences utilizing social plugins and integrated communication tools, training stand and gait stability in order to empower senior citizens to collectively enjoy gaming and expand their quality adjusted life years and re-connect the elderly with their families across distances creating a vibrant senior community.

Wolfgang Gründinger has acquired an outstanding reputation as voice of the and advocate of future generations. He is expert for digital transformation at the German Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW) and spokesperson of the renowned Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, the most important think tank for intergenerational justice of the country. In his most recent book „Alte-Säcke-Politik“ („Old Men Politics“), he criticized the current gerontocracy in our society.

Leonhard Nima, Co-Founder of N3XTCODER and Founder of Nima Social Business Consulting will join Saskia Bruysten, Jens Wiechers and Wolfgang Gründinger and moderate the conversation.

The event will take place at Spielfeld in Berlin Kreuzberg from 7pm until 9.30pm. Tickets are free of charge and available on a first come first serve basis.