During our workshop we work with Arya and their Founders Kristina Wilms and Purcy Marte on their mobile app that helps people suffering from depression. Depression is a widespread psychological disorder that affects more than 350 million people making it the leading cause of disability worldwide according to WHO.

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Join us on April 16, 2016 and start building your first native mobile app using React Native. On this day you will be able to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge by working on a real project together with Jonathan Moore (Former CTO Team Europe, CTO Vertical Media, e.g.Gründerszene.de) and Norman Rzepka (Co-Founder scalable minds and Racemap) and other likeminded participants from diverse backgrounds. Immerse yourself into the latest technology for mobile app development and learn how breakthrough technologies can tackle exceptionally fast growing social problems globally.

portrait of Kristina Wilms

Kristina Wilms, Co-Founder Arya

portrait of Leonhard Nima

Leonhard Nima, Founder of Nima Social Business Consulting

portrait of Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore, Former CTO Team Europe and Vertical Media

portrait of Norman Rzepka

Norman Rzepka, Co-Founder scalable minds and Racemap

The workshop will encompass five major themes:

  • Learn how to set up an environment and start working with React Native

  • Create an app feature of the Arya app

  • Use react to gather data from hardware sources

  • New user interface concepts

  • Learn about social business and social innovation in tech

Workshop Participants are:

  • Engineers who want to learn how to develop hybrid Apps

  • Android developers who want to write apps for iOS

  • iOS developers who want to write apps for Android

  • Web developers who want to get into app development

  • CTOs who are defining their mobile strategy

  • Everyone else who would like to learn more about meaningful digital products

What skills are required for this workshop:

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript

  • Basic frontend development experience and/or app development experience

  • Nice to have knowledge that certainly helps: React (basics), HTML/CSS, Android, iOS, node.js, Java, Objective-C

Takeaways…by the end of this workshop, you have a better understanding of:

  • Have built a simple working React Native app

  • Developed at least 1 UI feature for a React Native app

  • Read data from at least one native source (geoloc, accelerometer) in React Native

  • Be aware of the React Native ecosystem and core concepts

  • Have collaborated as a developer in a team

  • Understand how tech can help social business and social innovation