By 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets will be required to sustain current lifestyles! Do not accept the status quo of today’s world! Join us for our Hackathon series on supply chain transparency and get involved with social entrepreneurs – determined to create solutions for a sustainable planet!


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

About the hackathons

This Hackathon series is designed to connect social business entrepreneurs with industry experts from Zalando SE, Volkswagen Group, adidas and N3XTCODER. In a series of three hackathons we build powerful interdisciplinary teams that work on real challenges that contribute towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production. The opacity of the supply chain is a major issue for brands and companies. Consumers are demanding more information on topics such as ethical labour regulation, traceability and environmental impact and the status quo cannot provide this.

Our goals

Three Goals written

The Reward

After every hackathon one winner team will be selected by a jury that consists of industry experts from Zalando SE, adidas and Volkswagen Group.

The winner team of each hackathon receives technical support and mentoring from N3XTCODER. We always encourage our community and partners to contribute their time & resources to further support their favourite social entrepreneurs.

Up to 3 teams that comply with the 7 social business principles by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, get the opportunity to present their solution at the 9th Global Social Business Summit in Wolfsburg in front of many leading impact organizations, social business investors and corporate representatives.

Who is this Hackathon for?

  • Product managers & product owners
  • Business developers & Marketing professionals
  • Interaction designers & information architects
  • User experience experts (UX)
  • User interface designers (UI)
  • Software developers (frontend & backend)
  • Blockchain enthusiast
  • Supply Chain Experts
  • Everyone with skills to change systems for sustainable development

Why you should join us:

During the Hackathon you get the opportunity to apply your skills to a real-world product. You will be surrounded by industry experts from Zalando SE, Volkswagen Group, adidas, N3XTCODER and other partners from our network. You will get a better understanding how innovation in supply chains can lead to more sustainable production patterns. Learn from social entrepreneurs how they identified “hot spots” within the current system and how you can help to increase their impact with your skills. Broaden your network and learn from other social entrepreneurs how easy it can be to become a changemaker.

You don´t need to prepare, however we encourage you to inform yourself about sustainable consumption and production solutions. Also don’t forget to bring your laptop and charger.

About the Ventures

The circular.fashion system enables that products of today become the resources of tomorrow. The approach is a proactive one, designing garments for circularity from the very beginning. Products are optimized for reuse and recycling by design. This can max out further the potential of corresponding retail models and services. To make sure that the best value of each garment can be catched after use, its recovery method is designated and saved in an ID right in the beginning.

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limbiq is a SaaS solution along supply chains and represents an intelligent node reducing the high complexity of supply chain management.

Employing state-of-the-art technologies and open interfaces, all stakeholders of a supply chain are connected on a centralized, digital platform. Realtime data from a variety of sources is aggregated into comprehensive, up-to-date information threads, which are transparent, adaptable, and usable for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

It is part of their philosophy to horizontally connect actors from different tiers of global supply chains, to improve and level up interactions between companies and their partners. limbiq is changing how future global supply chains are shaped and is building a fast growing community that represents intelligent and sustainable cooperation in the future.

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WikiRate has developed an open access research platform that allows anyone to gather and report publicly available information on corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices in a structured manner, making corporate sustainability data accessible, comparable and free for everyone. WikiRate uses cutting edge open source software and engages a broad range of stakeholders, including consumers, academics, NGOs, companies, policymakers, investors, and media.

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Minespider is a blockchain protocol for responsible mineral sourcing. They offer transparency and traceability at every stage of the supply-chain and track fungible minerals directly from certified mines. While others are building private, permissioned trials, they are decentralizing and decriminalizing the mineral supply chain. With numerous pilot programs in the works, Minespider is set to transform a multi-billion dollar industry.

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ReCheck brings you simple, safe and user-friendly access to the blockchain. It is your interface to the technology that provides a trustworthy environment for secure business and consumer interactions. Now you can store and manage the items that matter to you on blockchain. Your transactions are recorded on a network of thousands of computers. This is done using the highest level of encryption and protection.

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slavefreetrade is a Swiss non-profit volunteer association, founded under the patronage of the UN Special Rapporteur on Slavery, to marry decades of modern slavery experience with advanced technology. Our mission is to solve the issue of modern slavery in workplaces. We do this by bringing B2B and B2C actions together to form a feedback loop, each reinforcing the other. We monitor workplace conditions in real time on an continuing basis providing a clear picture of those conditions at all times, and following changes in those conditions. Our tech is hybrid conventional and private permissioned blockchain, and when resources allow will add machine learning to the mix.

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We at N3XTCODER strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015.

A 17-point plan to end poverty, halt climate change and fight injustice and inequality, the Global Goals are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place.

A plan that 193 governments have agreed, a plan that the world wants and needs. A plan backed by leading business and organisations. A to-do-list for the planet that will only be achieved if everyone plays their part.

N3XTCODER aims to identify and work with the best technology solutions and digital products that have the great potential to tackle the most pressing problems that persist today.

Read more about the Global Goals at www.globalgoals.org

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