N3XTCODER Training Weeks are intensive 5 day programs. Participants dive deeply into advanced concepts and processes of software to improve their programming skills. Trainings take place in small groups of up to 12 participants. You will be mentored through the process with our N3XTCODER coaches led by Jonathan Moore (former CTO Team Europe & gruenderszene.de) and work with other like-minded developers.

The N3XTCODER Training Week with Ipso focusses on React.JS to build a video chat and surrounding features. You will learn React.JS concepts, tools, and techniques such as component hierarchies, one-way data flow, JSX, ES6, testing with jest. You will also cover modern front-ops tools such as Babel, webpack and browserify. The course will also teach how to use nodeJS as a backend, how to deal with questions of API security, error handling, and how to structure a 12 factor app for deployment. There will also be an opportunity to improve your git skills and collaborate as a team.

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The course curriculum will be extended from the results from the N3XTCODER ReactJS Workshop, which took place on July 16th. In this workshop we created a proof of concept video chat for the video-counselling platform www.ipso-ecare.com. The healthcare platform provides professional psychosocial counseling services online to help people suffering from traumatic experiences in war affected countries around the globe. Ipso started 2004 in Afghanistan to educate and train psychosocial counsellors. Until today more than 350 counsellors were trained and in the last two years more than 110.000 people received individual counselling sessions.

N3XTCODER supports IPSO in their current iteration process and the opportunity will be given for interested participants to join the team for an extended project.

Portrait of Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Former CTO Team Europe & gruenderszene.de

Portrait of Inge Missmahl

Inge Missmahl

CEO Ipso

Portrait of Leonhard Nima

Leonhard Nima

Founder of Nima Social Business Consulting


You will leave the Training Week with a functional ReactJS app having covered the following:

  • ReactJS general concepts
  • component architecture
  • data flow and control flow
  • JSX and ES6
  • testing with jest
  • error handling
  • NodeJS
  • API auth
  • 12 factor architecture

SKILL LEVEL: intermediate


  • JavaScript – Intermediate
  • NodeJS and ppm – Basic to Intermediate
  • Experience with other Javascript frameworks (jQuery, Angular, backbone) – Basic to Intermediate
  • Git – Basic to Intermediate

Do you have any questions about your skill level and if this Training Week would be right for you? Do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected]


Day 1 – build a peer2peer video

On the first day of training we will dive into React and create our component hierarchy. We will also examine using props and state to integrate our video connection and design a clean control flow. Among the topics we will cover are:

react concepts

  • component architecture
  • data flow and control flow
  • JSX and ES6

Day 2 – buttons and controllers

On day 2 we will finalise our video chat interface by giving the user the ability to mute their audio or stop sending video. We will also look at how we can use automated testing with our react components:

  • testing with jest
  • mocking
  • edge cases
  • error handling

Day 3 – users and auth(z)

Now the caller will need to discover other users and connect the call with them. For this we need to see how to integrate a simple backend to our app and allow users to signup and login.

  • node
  • datastores
  • login/signup
  • API auth

Day 4 – deployment

Beyond our development environment we will want to demo our app and eventually deploy it to production. On day 4 we will look at the 12 factor app architecture from heroku and how to deploy our new react app with configuration from the environment.

  • 12 factor architecture
  • cloud hosting with heroku

Day 5 – round up

During the week we will collect topics we want to have a closer look at. Day 5 will start with a dive into these topics. We will then have a chance to finalise our apps and at the end of the day we will discuss our findings and present them to IPSO.


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