Join us on Saturday September 23th 2017 for the N3XTCODER Workshop with the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany (SEND) and become a #changemaker!

The N3XTCODER Workshop is designed in a way that you can either join track 1 or track 2:

Track 1: User Experience and User Interface Design

You will be able to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge by working on the new Social Entrepreneurship Network campaign website. Learn with Prof. Gabor Kovacs (design academy berlin) and UX/UI design expert Audrey Liehn. This track will focus on identifying roadblocks in the User Experience and User Interface and how to analyze and design for better performance and conversion. PLEASE NOTE: This track is in German language.

Track 2: Technical Product Management: Essential tools and methodologies to realize your product vision

This track is designed for founders and product owners, interested in an overview of the tools, analytics and choices necessary to build a digital product or start up. This workshop will help you to navigate through the landscape of buzzwords like MVP, Agile, Lean and to choose the right tools and the right people to get started. Learn with N3XTCODER CTO and coach Jonathan Moore who draws on his experience on 15 years in tech. This track is in English language.

For our workshop we teamed up with the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany, that aims to become a strong voice and representative to all the #changemakers in Germany. Together we can grow this network and develop their website into a tool that helps to enshrine social innovation into Berlin and Europe’s politics.

Portrait of Prof. Gábor Kovács

Prof. Gábor Kovács

(design academy berlin)

Portrait of Audrey Liehn

Audrey Liehn,

UX/UI Design Expert

Portrait of Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore,

Co-Founder N3XTCODER

If you are a design talent motivated to create social impact with your skills, you have also the chance to apply for a free ticket supported by design academy berlin and by N3XTCODER.

How to apply: Design an appealing and user-friendly screen for a new “Werde Mitglied” section for Be creative (no need to stick to the current design) and send your screen and your design portfolio to [email protected]


Track 1: UX/UI Design:

  1. UX/UI Analysis: How to analyse and evaluate the SEND website
  2. Information Architecture & Interaction Design
  3. Prototyping: User feedback for better product design
  4. UX/UI Design: Learn to design for better conversion and performance
  5. Feature development: human centric product design

Workshop Participants:

  • UX/UI Designers interested in website design for better performance and conversion
  • Design talents interested in a dual course of studies B.A. Web Development with design akademie berlin
  • Graphic designers and product managers looking for insights in human centric product design
  • Engineers who want to learn how to make their front-end more user-friendly
  • Everyone else who would like to learn more about meaningful digital products

Skills required for this workshop:

  • Basic design skills and first experience with UX/UI Design
  • Basic understanding of Graphical User Interface software

Takeaways by the end of the workshop, you have a better understanding of:

  • UX/UI tools like Sketch, InVision or Marvel Prototyping
  • User analytics and human centric product design
  • Understanding problem spaces and how to ideate solutions
  • Articulate and defend design decisions
  • Understand how designers work with others on a product development team (e.g., product managers, developers, visual designers, etc.)
  • The concept of social business and social innovation in tech

Track 2: Technical Product Management:

  • Building an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and setting priorities
  • Human centric development
  • Agile and the importance of feedback loops
  • Real world necessities:
    • Overview of tools from GitHub to Slack and Asana to help with the process
    • What to expect with code delivery

Workshop Participants:

  • Startup Founders
  • Product owners
  • Technical product/project managers
  • Anyone with a vision for their own digital product!

Skills required for this workshop:

  • No specific coding / design skills required

Takeaways…by the end of the workshop:

  • You will know how to navigate the landscape of buzzword (“MVP”, ”Agile”)
  • You will know how to write user stories and prepare a backlog
  • You will be able to prioritise effectively
  • You will understand why to start with the MVP
  • You will know what the benefits of agile and lean methodologies
  • You will have had a snapshot view into the various tools to support getting your technical product off the ground