Building on 15+ years of experience in the technology industry and the social sector we help organizations to create their digital and sustainable future

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At N3XTCODER, we are dismantling the barriers between the social impact sector and digital expertise.

That idea was born in 2016 with the vision to inspire top digital talents to work on nothing less but the best solutions for a better tomorrow.

Influenced by working closely with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and the digital creative mindset from silicon valley, the founding team of N3XTCODER decided to dedicate their work to solving challenges that make real world change.

Digital experts along the way joined and now form the core team of N3XTCODER. Together, we are working towards this vision in an interdisciplinary mix of designers, software developers, and impact pioneers.

In short: We are a team of creative problem-solvers, and we don't accept the status quo of today's world. We want to improve it.

Our Team

Simon StegemannSimon Stegemann

Founder & CEO

Simon's focus is on unlocking the full potential of technologies for social innovation. Inspired by the work of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus at the Grameen Creative Lab he decided to become a Social Entrepreneur.

Jonathan MooreJonathan Moore

Founder & Tech Specialist

Jonathan has been developing web applications for almost two decades – lastly as CTO and Director of IT for the Berlin-based startup incubator Team Europe and Vertical Media. Now he is dedicating his expertise to technology development for social innovation.

Leonhard NimaLeonhard Nima

Founder & Moderator

Leonhard Nima is a serial social entrepreneur and frequently booked speaker or moderator at international conferences. After working for Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at The Grameen Creative Lab as Head of Academia, he started working on sustainable tech solutions by co-founding N3XTCODER.

Aga LyszkoAga Lyszko

UX/UI Designer

Aga graduated from the faculty of International and Political Studies at Jagiellonian University. In her 30s, she also discovered her passion for design and she is pursuing this path at N3XTCODER, being also responsible for organizing events.

Jennifer MeyerJennifer Meyer

Software Engineer

Jennifer is a full-stack javascript developer. In her free time, she engages in grassroots communities focused on de-growth and economic experimentation. In her work, she leverages her knowledge in sustainable counterculture and tech to deliver digital products that matter.

Julian KugothJulian Kugoth

Communication Specialist

Always interested in how to make a change, Julian engaged in the communication and planning of numerous social, educational and environmental projects. At N3XTCODER, he tries to pair the seemingly unmatching: technology and sustainability.

Christine MüllerChristine Müller

Operations & Project Manager

Christine has a bachelor’s degree in General Management and has worked in Social Enterprises since I graduated in 2011. In 2018, she co-founded Frankfurt’s first Zero Waste Shop with a café. At NC, she does project management and watches out for all our processes. In winter, she likes to work in Spain, so that she can surf. Also, she enjoys playing cricket.

Hannah DeanHannah Dean

UX/UI Designer

Hannah graduated with a first-class degree in Sociology which taught her to ask the 'why' behind the 'what'. Since graduating she's lived in several countries before finding her passion for design in Berlin. With a professional UX Diploma, she supports the team as a UX/UI Designer and is dedicated to using her tech skills to create real social impact.

Deniss StarkovsDeniss Starkovs

Software Engineer

Deniss has always been passionate about technology. He created his first website at the age of 12 and has been constantly developing his programming skills ever since. With degrees in IT and economics, he helps the team to deliver meaningful products.

Chang HanChang Han

Digital Product Designer

Chang designs digital products. That means she crafts user experiences, interfaces, and interactions for human beings. Calling herself an accidental migrant worker, Chang is interested in intercultural studies and believes in visual is a common language in a cross-functional tech team.

Nikolas HeidnerNikolas Heidner

Software Engineer

Nikolas always tried to understand how things are working below their surface. That is what brought him at a young age to create basic websites with HTML/CSS. After some attempts (that failed miserably) to learn Arabic at university, he finally came to the conclusion to better focus his energy again on building websites and this is what he is doing today.

Justus BartlewskiJustus Bartlewski

Communication Specialist

Justus is engaged in many projects and areas. Political thinking is a part all his activities. He is the head of the Influencer marketing department of Fridays for Future Germany. With his electronic music collective based in Stuttgart, he organizes festivals and events and sets positive norms in the cultural sector. Furthermore he builds a political advisory group in Jena with projects in networking, publishing and more.

As the world evolves at a digital speed, N3XTCODER is designed to help you to keep pace.

We partner with leading companies and the most innovative social entrepreneurs in our global network and provide outstanding career opportunities for tech talents committed to using their skills for sustainability & social innovation.

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At N3XTCODER, you can shape the digital transformation free of tech-broism and a short-term exit mentality. During your time with us, it is our goal to help you grow into our global network of change-makers and develop 21st-century skills you can use for a purpose-driven career to create social impact at scale.

Join us on our path and start to develop game-changing technologies to create impact at scale!

No position that fits you, your skills and background perfectly? Don’t let that stop you.

Let us know about your field of interest, skills and motivation nevertheless. We’re always looking for new connections in the social impact & tech4good community. Simply fill out this Typeform, tell us where you see yourself fitting into N3XTCODER’s mission and we’ll get back to you.

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