React Training Week - build a video chat with ReactJS

Blockchain Workshop November 2018 - N3XTCODER

N3XTCODER x TOA Session - A Tech Open Air Satellite

User Experience and User Interface Design Workshop

Blockchain Workshop Munich - N3XTCODER

Blockchain Workshop 2 - N3XTCODER

UX-UI-Design-Ipso - N3XTCODER

REST API Workshop with fitogram in Cologne - N3XTCODER


Workshop_Weekend_Wertewandel - N3XTCODER

Blockchain Workshop - N3XTCODER

Machine Learning Workshop - N3XTCODER

Blockchain Workshop - N3XTCODER

Blockchain Workshop Zurich - N3XTCODER

Career Workshop ReactJS vs VueJS - N3XTCODER

Event_NCSession_May - N3XTCODER

React.js - N3XTCODER

Holiday Hackathon

Mobile Development with React Native

N3XTCODER Blockchain Training

N3XTCODER Blockchain Workshop

Technology & Social Business – Prototyping for Conscious Consumption

The Berlin Kick Off

N3XTCODER Meetup: How to design for Supply Chain Transparency.

N3XTCODER Meetup Machine Learning

How to use Blockchain Technology for Social Innovation Briefing February

React Native Workshop - Mobile Developers: Build the future of sports!

Gamification and Behavioural Economics for Product Design and UX

Supply Chain Transparency Hackathon 3 - N3XTCODER

React Workshop: Redux vs MobX with fitogram in Cologne - N3XTCODER

Supply Chain Transparency Hackathon - N3XTCODER

Goethe Gamified Learning

#HackSCT19 Supply Chain Transparency Hackathon

How to use Blockchain Technology for Social Innovation Briefing March

Into New Worlds: Digital Sustainability

Technology and Social Innovation

The Future of Work and the Responsibility of Technology

User Experience & User Interface Design2

User Experience & User Interface Design

N3XTCODER Meetup - Future of Food

Meetup Welcome

Supply Chain Transparency Hackathon 2