Developer's desk

25 Mar 2020

How to design a sustainable future through online hackathons

Clara Fischer, Leonhard Nima and Simon Stegemann

We are facing the biggest reality shock, in a lockdown from our sofas. We are staring at our screens, consuming any information we receive through our filter bubbles and are having a hard time to grasp the consequences of our new reality. How to expect the unexpected?

Developers working on a project at N3XTCODER and Naturfreundejugend Deutschlands

10 Feb 2020

“Coding Utopia” – 3 days of impact-driven hacking

Clara Fischer

N3XTCODER and Naturfreundejugend Deutschlands breaking boundaries between techies and environmentalists at C-Base Berlin: 30 motivated youngsters hacking the future together.

One of the participants at N3XTCODER meetup talks about her's team idea

20 Jan 2020

N3XTCODER Meetup - Gamification for social innovation

Meike Bingemann

Improving the user experience of socially relevant products and services is becoming increasingly important to scale impact. Gamification is an effective tool for enhancing the customer journey and therefore relevant to the success of consumer-based solutions for pressing global issues.

Team Eon working on their challenges

5 Dec 2019

N3XTCODER Hackathon for Supply Chain Transparency

Clara Fischer

On Wednesday, the 27th of November 2019, more than 80 participants joined the N3XTCODER Hackathon to support ventures fostering supply chain transparency.

Panel discussion at Fintech 4 Impact meetup by N3xtcoder

24 Sept 2019

N3XTCODER Meetup "Fintech 4 Impact" at Spielfeld Digital Hub

Meike Bingemann

FinTech businesses are rapidly transforming the financial industry and digital innovation can significantly improve the customer experience. But do they also use this enormous potential to drive positive social change, create meaningful social impact, and contribute to achieving the UN Goals for Sustainable Development?

TrusTrace working with developers on N3XTCODER Hackathon for Supply Chain Transparency

17 Sept 2019

100+ Hackers enabling Supply Chain Transparency

Clara Fischer

On Friday, September 6th 2019 more than 100 participants joined forces to solve current issues of social start-ups challenging the status quo in the field of supply chain transparency.

The founder of nextcoder giving a warm welcome to the meetup.

10 Sept 2019

N3XTCODER Meetup "Future of Education" at Spielfeld Digital Hub

Lisa de Koster

What skills do people need in the next ten years? How do we imagine the future of digital and non-digital learning? What is the role that digitization plays for educational work in the future?

Future Of Food Meetup Presentation about Entorganics

26 Jun 2019

Tech and Food for a sustainable future.

Jakub Potrykus

On Tuesday, the 4th of June, N3XTCODER and Spielfeld hosted a meetup giving a platform to start-ups that strive to have a social impact.

Simon sitting in front of the sis18 audience

26 Jun 2019

Using Technology to drive change #SIS18

Simon Stegemann

I was born in Stuttgart and some of my early childhood memories came back as I was walking to the Wizemann Space where the Social Innovation Summit 2018 took place last week.