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The transparency of the supply chain is a major issue for brands and companies. Consumers are demanding more information on topics such as ethical labour regulation and environmental impact and the status quo cannot provide this.

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Software and development - coding in any language

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UI and/or UX design - generating mock-ups and visualisations

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Data modelling and mining - SQL, noSQL, or other ways to work with data

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Business modelling and the process of analysing viability and value of a product or service

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Marketing and the process of communicating the product or service to customers and user

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User experience or how to model the interactions with the product/service - generating wireframes and user flows is a bonus

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Theoretical or practical knowledge in technical areas such as Machine Learning, Blockchain, Database design, Microservices, Open APIs, graphQL, Open source, and more

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Domain knowledge of supply chains - how supply chains work, and/or how they are relevant to a specific organisation

About the #HackSCT19 Series Berlin

N3XTCODER Hackathon for Supply Chain Transparency

Success Stories from HackSCT18

Minespider Logo

Minespider is a blockchain protocol for responsible mineral sourcing. They offer transparency and traceability at every stage of the supply-chain and track fungible minerals directly from certified mines. While others are building private, permissioned trials, they are decentralizing and decriminalizing the mineral supply chain. With numerous pilot programs in the works, Minespider is set to transform a multi-billion dollar industry.

More about Minespider: https://www.minespider.com/

TolaData logo

Toladata enables organizations to create positive impact. The Mercy Corps team in Afghanistan wanted to improve how they monitored their programs. They wanted to automate their data collection, consolidation and reporting. They built a solution that met their needs and kept the system open source to share knowledge and learnings with the wider NGO community.

More about TolaData: https://www.toladata.com/

Success Stories from HackSCT19

Open Apparel Registry Logo

Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is an open source tool which maps garment facilities worldwide and assigns a unique ID number to each. It is a go-to source for identifying apparel facilities and their affiliations by collating disparate supplier lists from industry stakeholders into one central, open source map and database. The collated database of facility names, addresses and affiliated parties is powered by an advanced name and address-matching algorithm and is available for use by any organization, for free.

More about Open Apparel Registry: https://info.openapparel.org/

Haelixa logo

Haelixa is a multi-award winning spinoff of ETH Zurich innovation and entrepreneurship labs, where they developed the Haelixa technology since 2012. They design and manufacture a unique DNA tracer to be assigned to each individual product, model or batch. The tracers are applied to products and materials at any step of the supply chain by the customers themselves. The labelling assigns the item a unique "DNA identity". At any point in time, the product is submitted to a quick "paternity test" and results are uploaded to the cloud. The test can be conducted at Haelixa laboratories or on-site.

More about Haelixa: http://www.haelixa.com/

Following on from the major success of last year's Supply Chain Transparency series, we teamed up with Adidas AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, Volkswagen Group and Zalando to continue our collective impact format. We build powerful interdisciplinary teams in a creative and non-competitive setting to support impact driven organisations who are revolutionising the supply chain.

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Use your skills to support impact-driven projects and help us creating supply chain transparency by joining our next hackathon:

Impressions from #HackSCT19


We at N3XTCODER strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015.