For our N3XTCODER Session in January we team up with the Spielfeld Digital Hub in Berlin, Roland Berger’s and Visa Europe’s digital innovation hub program that brings together corporates and startups in a creative working environment.

Join us on Thursday, January 19 for an inspirational discussion about the future of work and the responsibility of technology. We have seen tremendous and rapid technological progress within only a few decades and it is safe to say that further advancements will lead to fundamental changes in many aspects of life.

We are happy to welcome you for a dialogue with Zoe Adamovicz (CEO of Blockchain VC-Fund Neufund), Hanno Burmester (Founder of das Resultat) and Prof. Dr. phil. Marcelo da Veiga (Founding President of Alanus University) to discuss about the opportunities that arise with new technological advancements, but also the risks that might come with them and how new technologies will impact the future of work.

Speaker Zoe Adamovicz

Zoe Adamovicz, Founder of Neufund

Speaker Hanno Burmester

Hanno Burmester, Founder das Resultat

Speaker Prof. Dr. phil. Marcelo da Veiga

Prof. Dr. phil. Marcelo da Veiga, Founding President of Alanus University

Speaker Leonhard Nima

Leonhard Nima, Founder of Nima Social Business Consulting

With our N3XTCODER Sessions we aim to inspire, inform and provoke thoughts about the role of technology not only in society, but for society.

As a quarterly format, we invite thought leaders from the technology sector, the social sector and experts who work at the crossroads of these fields. Together with them we discuss questions about the future of technology and its potential to tackle some of society’s most pressing needs.

N3XTCODER Sessions are evening events that will allow you to join speeches and discussions with outstanding experts, and also to connect and network with likeminded people. Get involved, ask your questions and start to join one of our many projects on our journey to develop meaningful digital products.