Intranet Innovation: Empowering staff for enhanced citizen services

Organised by City of Moers

As the administration of the City of Moers seeks to meet the evolving needs of its approximately 104,000 residents, the municipal intranet emerges as a pivotal platform for information dissemination and management. Improving the intranet is essential for enhancing the productivity and satisfaction of municipal employees, which in turn will lead to faster, more efficient, and effective services for the citizens of Moers. The challenge is to transform the municipal intranet into a more user-friendly, interactive, and intelligent platform that excels in understanding and generating answers, thereby improving the administration's knowledge base and search capabilities.

The Goal of this project:

Goal: Improve municipal intranet search experience

Objective: Optimice the intranet search capabilities, leading to faster and more precise information retrieval for increased productivity and enhanced value of the intranet as a central communication medium.

Metric: Projected acceptance rate of search results.

Our Challenge Partner:

Nestled in the western region of North Rhine-Westphalia, the City of Moers operates as a vibrant municipality known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and dynamic economy. Its diverse population and robust economic landscape, which includes thriving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), educational institutions, and cultural establishments, requires an intranet that not only supports efficient municipal operations but also fosters community engagement and accessibility.

Our Challenge Partner City of Moers

Impacted People

780 municipal workers

106.241 citizens in the city of Moers

More than 800 sections published in the city intranet

Interesting Projects you can already join as volunteer or team leader

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Improve intranet search with natural language, semantic analysis and classification of content to optimize performance and satisfaction of administrative staff.

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Create a GPT that intakes previous content written by a person to ensure that the output really sounds like them (instead of the generic ChatGPT voice that can be easily noticed).

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The 'AI for Public Sector Impact' program is a collaborative initiative between N3XTCODER and Microsoft, aimed at harnessing the power of AI for the public good. It brings together technology experts, public sector innovators, and open-source communities to address real-life challenges in the public sector. The program is structured into phases that include project submission and volunteer matching, hands-on project sprints to develop solutions, and the showcasing of the most successful innovations. It's a platform for participants to learn, innovate, and contribute to meaningful societal change using AI technology.

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