Leveling the playing field for political processes

Organised by AI4Democracy e.V.

Levelling political processes with AI

AI4Democracy is on a mission to democratize the political landscape by leveraging AI to support candidates with limited budgets or tech know-how, as well as newcomers. By automating routine tasks, it empowers them to dedicate their efforts to substantive issues, fostering a political environment where diverse voices can be heard and valued. As candidates embrace the use of AI responsibly, we can not only level the playing field in political competition, but also help make the entire democratic system more resilient and inclusive.

Choose one of these 3 Goals for your Project

Goal: Optimize messaging with AI.

Objective: Enable candidates to leverage AI for optimizing the content they produce, ensuring it resonates with their voice and aligns with their party’s platform, enhancing message delivery efficiency.

Metric: Projected acceptance ratio of AI-generated content.

Goal: Plan campaign trail events strategically.

Objective: Assist candidates in identifying and selecting relevant events to attend that maximize engagement with their targeted voter groups, optimizing their campaign trail efficiency.

Metric: Projected number of voters reached in desired target groups.

Goal: Maximize voter reach with optimal budget.

Objective: Empower candidates to achieve better marketing results, both online and offline, using less effort and resources, thereby increasing voter reach within budget constraints.

Metric: Projected number of voters reached with marketing campaigns.

Our Challenge Partner

AI4Democracy e.V., the visionary behind this challenge, is dedicated to fostering a world where technology strengthens democratic values. With a robust network of tech experts, policymakers, and civic activists, AI4Democracy e.V. is set to drive significant advancements in how democracy is practiced in the digital age. Through this challenge, they aspire to transform the landscape of civic engagement, making democracy more accessible, transparent, and resilient against the challenges of misinformation and apathy.

Our Challenge Partner AI4Democracy e.V.

Impacted People

  • 1 in every 6 candidates under 30 years old

  • 84% newcomer candidates

  • 25% of candidates using AI solutions in their campaigns

Interesting Projects you can already join as volunteer or team leader


Custom GPT to check a candidate's content (speeches, emails, campaign messaging etc.) to ensure it is aligned with their party's platform.


Build a social listening tool for TikTok that analyzes and highlights the topics and networks trending on TikTok.

Find the Concerned ones

Through surveys and statistical analysis, we aim to identify undecided voters, pinpoint areas of unmet voting expectations, and strategize.

To take part in the Open Innovation Programme, join our platform below:

You have these 2 options to contribute:

If you already have an idea to tackle one of the challenges and want to lead a team of volunteers as a project owner (Deadline 15. April)

Support as a volunteer to see the project opportunities and get matched.

Expertise desired for the challenge

See overall expertise projected to be needed for the challenge. Further specialised knowledge depends on submitted solutions and is visible on the matching platform once you sign up.

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Programming and Software Engineering
  • Digital Literacy and Communication
  • Project Management and Collaboration

More info on the Program

The 'AI for Public Sector Impact' program is a collaborative initiative between N3XTCODER and Microsoft, aimed at harnessing the power of AI for the public good. It brings together technology experts, public sector innovators, and open-source communities to address real-life challenges in the public sector. The program is structured into phases that include project submission and volunteer matching, hands-on project sprints to develop solutions, and the showcasing of the most successful innovations. It's a platform for participants to learn, innovate, and contribute to meaningful societal change using AI technology.

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