Via with Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.

A digital memory room to help those who are grieving to remember their loved ones.

Via app mockup on smartphone and laptop graphics

About the Project

At N3XTCODER we have a strong track record in digital healthcare.

In close collaboration with Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V., we developed the Via App: a digital grieving space that addresses all essential aspects of grief in a more efficient, effective, and meaningful way.

From app concept and strategy to pitch deck, we supported in bringing the Via vision to life. After successful budget acquisition, we were able to begin design and development.

We’ve now successfully launched the first version (minimum viable product) of the app. Friends and family can remember their loved ones by uploading and sharing content in a safe, digital environment.

In the future more features will be available such as a learning space. Users will gain access to information to better understand the individual process of grief and online counselling for unique support by qualified grieving counsellors for those who need a listening ear.

Our Services

  • Digital Strategy Consultation
  • Pitch Deck Support
  • UX Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • Technical Architecture
  • Web App Development
  • User Testing
Via app mockup on smartphone graphics

We were thrilled to benefit from N3XTCODER’s tech expertise and we still felt in the driving seat as we drove the Via vision forward together. They’re a diverse and talented group of experts and a pleasure to work with. The MVP aligns with our vision which makes us very happy!

Kristina Wilms

Product Owner of Via at Malteser

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Simon Stegemann
Co-Founder & CEO