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Partner with N3XTCODER to deliver the first version of your website.

Get expert advice combined with your domain knowledge to reach the right solution. Benefit from the N3XTCODER component library and everything we learned shipping websites across the industries.

Photo of Lukas Nossol

N3XTCODER is a partner with expertise in agile digital platform development who also sees collaboration as a value. Up until November 2021, we conceptualized, designed and developed the digital experience of together. N3XTCODER quickly became a strong extension of our web development team at dennree and helped us apply agile methodologies to our current and future projects.

Lukas Nossol

Head of Communications at BioMarkt Verbund (Dennree)

N3XTCODER can provide the starter website package including:

Clean, user-optimised design

Simple content model and CMS

Secure, EU-based hosting, adhering to GDPR

High-performance, modern technology

SEO optimisation including crawlability

Social sharing capabilitiy

Analytics and tracking (Matomo)

Contact form for email marketing

Secure connection (SSL/https) for end users

Use your favourite domain

Technology stack

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Node JS logo
Next JS logo
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Unique benefits of our solution compared to popular website builders and blog platforms

  1. Future-proof technical architecture - Want a new frontend? you can change it without changing the CMS
  1. Security first - Hassle free upgrades and security patches that wont take you offline
  1. Interoperability - Want content in your mobile App? No problem!
  1. High performance, unlimited scalability - Big TV audience tomorrow? We can scale your servers 10x in minutes
  1. Clutter-free, minimalist content management - Edit content without wading through unnecessary, confusing features you don’t need
  1. Full control of your data and code - Compliance audit? no problem
  1. Walk away with your code base and an unlimited license to use it - When you grow, you can in-source the whole project to your own developers

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