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BOOST Thyroid focuses on a decision support and algorithm to support women and healthcare professionals to reach better health outcomes. The team has a great combination of tech, science and execution. Since its founding, BOOST Thyroid has won the European Commission's Horizon 2020 funding, as well as a grant from the German Ministry for Education and Research for development of new digital early disease detection technologies.

BOOST Thyroid was named as one of the 53 - women lead companies that is disrupting health tech by Forbes.

BOOST Thyroid is the world's biggest community and solution for people with thyroid diseases. The free-to-use app helps deliver the best possible preventive health management for patients. With symptoms and lab test tracking, a doctor report, and personalized scientific information, BOOST Thyroid has become one of the most valuable solutions for day-to-day patient life. BOOST Thyroid is helping research and increase scientific knowledge on autoimmune diseases through partnerships with the University of Oxford, Charité, and Northeastern University.

Co-founded by Dr. Vedrana Högqvist Tabor, who has the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s, BOOST Thyroid is based in Berlin, Germany and is supported by prominent Nordic investors, including Sophia Bendz, EU Horizon 2020, the Fast Track Malmö accelerator, and the Vodafone Institute F-lane. For more information visit their website.