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About EON

Eon is the leading digital identity company for fashion, apparel and retail. Eon's mission is to power the circular economy. The company developed the CircularID™ Standard protocol for digital identification of products, in order to create a shared digital foundation for circular economy. They digitize products in alignment with this CircularID™ Standard, powering end-to-end connectivity across the entire product lifecycle.

Eon has developed the global CircularID Standard – the digital nutrition label for fashion. By digitizing products in alignment with the CircularID™ standard, Eon turns simple products into intelligent assets—connecting the entire circular lifecycle with data and knowledge. A shared open standard protocol for product digitization enables brands to meet the demands of today’s connected customers—unlocking business intelligence, customer engagement, new business models and global interoperability. This shared digital foundation creates the incentives, intelligence and transparency essential for industry’s transition to a circular economy. By identifying products in circular economy, it’s possible to access information and intelligence essential for managing products through resale, reuse, rental, and recycling. The shared protocol for product digitization makes it possible to measurement and transparency in circular economy – essential for fundamental systems change. More info on EON's website.

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