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How are children supposed to find learning interesting when school has remained unchanged for decades, but the world around them becomes more exciting from minute to minute?! Labosium is an intuitive do-it-yourself video platform with a focus on science and technology.

The only thing that hasn't changed over time: Children learn by playing!

The world is more exciting by the minute, and everyone should have the possibility to take part in the process of discovery, especially at school! Labosium aims at fostering an online intuitive DIY video database, supporting online mentors and schools, towards levering society’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) opportunities and needs at the highest level. From building your own motor, battery, circuit board, drone, to extracting DNA and building a microscope to observe it. The video projects are usually in do-it-yourself formats. The curated content on the platform motivates to get involved. Scientific projects are ideal for this because they are fun and easy to implement at home. Children have a primary experience in this area and their self-confidence is strengthened. The task of the mentors is not simply to impart knowledge linearly, but to encourage the children to imitate it, true to the motto: From hand to head. With Labosium, the world’s discoveries are fun and at everyone’s reach!

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