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About Modum

MODUM is an early stage direct-to-customer bespoke dress shoe brand. Their proprietary 3D scan and 3D printing technology allow producing bespoke shoes on any standard industrial production line on-demand and at the same cost as mass-produced, ready-to-wear shoes. This not only reduces but completely avoids overproduction. Together with Porsche Digital, they are exploring the usage of leather offcuts from car production for their bespoke shoes.

We encourage you to join the Circular Economy Meetup on 26th of May to learn more about Modum!

What are bespoke shoes?

Bespoke is the supreme category of classic dress shoes. In contrast to ready-to-wear shoes which are pre-produced using shoe sizes, these shoes are designed and manufactured from scratch based on the foot dimensions and the style requirements of each individual customer.

However, bespoke shoes can currently only be designed and manufactured by hand from artisan craftsmen. As a result, they are super expensive (starting around 2500 euro per pair), can only be ordered locally, and take on average 6-9 months from order to delivery.

Our technology

Our proprietary technology transforms the manufacturing of bespoke footwear into a fully industrial process and allows us to mass-produce bespoke shoes at the same cost as conventional shoes.

  • Our ML-based app works on every smartphone with a camera and creates a highly precise 3D scan of the feet.
  • Based on these measurements, our ML-based software fully automatically designs the bespoke shoes and generates all required production data.
  • The shoe lasts, the main production tool is manufactured using a dedicated 3d printing process, which works with standard 3d printers.
  • By providing the last together with the production data, our bespoke shoes can be produced on any standard industrial production line at batch size one.

Customer Journey

We're bringing bespoke to the digital age by offering a smartphone 3D foot scan app, taking orders online, and delivering our shoes to your doorstep

  • Measuring of the feet with the help of our smartphone app comfortably from home.
  • Design of the shoe in our 3D configurator with support via chat, e-mail, and telephone.
  • We produce the bespoke shoes and send them directly to the customer.

Within our target market of premium dress shoes, we are the first and only brand providing bespoke fit and custom design. Our customers do not get anything off the rack, but their very own shoe, a truly unique item.

#Sustainability2030 Online Hackathon challenges

Business Challenge


The aim of this challenge is to develop a concept for a supply chain process, addressing the specific requirements and limitations.


To produce a shoe from leather offcuts, certain requirements and limitations need to be considered (for example size and quality). Further, specifications need to be defined for accounting and communicating availability to build a smooth-running supply chain from Porsche to MODUM.

Marketing Challenge


The aim of this challenge is to create an editable mockup for the landing page for the Porsche x MOUDUM collaboration (including the configurator) that incorporates the visual language and corporate design of both companies.


The landing page should provide potential customers with all information about the product and the collaboration. The CTA is to order a pair of bespoke shoes by using the 3D configurator. The current structure of the 3D configurator should remain the same.

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