Empowering Logistics Teams: Enhancing Satisfaction and Performance

Organised by Berlin Recycling (BR)

Focused on revolutionizing logistics operations, the challenge is centered on enhancing employee satisfaction, health, and performance. Prioritizing optimal vacation planning to prevent understaffing and promote employee well-being, the goal is to minimize absenteeism and maximize productivity. Moreover, the challenge aims to elevate customer service by strategically assigning teams, reducing cancellations, and optimizing resource allocation. With dynamic route planning and data-driven approaches, it strives for timely disposal during peak demand, benefiting both the workforce and the communities served.

Choose one of these 3 Goals for your Project

Goal: Identify criteria for maintaining the health (and satisfaction) of waste workers and create a model.

Objective: Maximizing health & productivity.

Metric: Projected increase in productive days. Decrease in sickness and absence.

Goal: Create a model that can predict the probability of tour cancellations.

Objective: Minimize tour failure & maximize prediction accuracy aka planning accuracy.

Metric: Projected reduction in the number of canceled pickups per tour.

Goal: Create a model for the dynamic rescheduling of schedules (assignment of personnel to tours), in the event of short-term changes.

Objective: Transition from static to dynamic route planning using internal and external data sources.

Metric: Projected maintenance of average occupancy of the planned tour at peak efficiency levels.

Our Challenge Partner

Berlin Recycling is a private waste management company that provides recycling and waste disposal services for businesses and households in Berlin. With a focus on sustainability, Berlin Recycling aims to reduce waste and promote resource conservation through innovative solutions and partnerships with customers and stakeholders.

Our Challenge Partner Berlin Recycling

Impacted People

  • Up to 400 Logistical tours every day per team

  • 6.000 People working at Berlin Recycling (BR)

  • 58.000 Logistical companies in Germany

Interesting Projects you can already join as volunteer or team leader

Predictive Cancellation Insights

Develop models to predict and minimize tour cancellations, analyzing factors like customer feedback and external conditions to improve reliability.


Create a model with the objective to maximize health & productivity that will be measured by the projected increase in productive days and the decrease in sickness and absences.

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You have these 2 options to contribute:

If you already have an idea to tackle one of the challenges and want to lead a team of volunteers as a project owner (Deadline 15. April)

Or join a team as a volunteer in pursuit of a solution (Deadline 7. April)

Expertise desired for the challenge

See overall expertise projected to be needed for the challenge. Further specialised knowledge depends on submitted solutions and is visible on the matching platform once you sign up.

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Programming and Software Engineering
  • Digital Literacy and Communication
  • Logistics Management and Management

More info on the Program

The 'AI for Public Sector Impact' program is a collaborative initiative between N3XTCODER and Microsoft, aimed at harnessing the power of AI for the public good. It brings together technology experts, public sector innovators, and open-source communities to address real-life challenges in the public sector. The program is structured into phases that include project submission and volunteer matching, hands-on project sprints to develop solutions, and the showcasing of the most successful innovations. It's a platform for participants to learn, innovate, and contribute to meaningful societal change using AI technology.

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