It’s time to UpdateDeutschland together
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19 March 2021

15:00 - 17:30

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Online Hackathon – Join us from wherever you are!

Do we return to the “old normal” or do we kickstart the future?

It’s time to UpdateDeutschland together

During the last year, all of us have faced some challenges we haven’t experienced before and the COVID-19 pandemic has made us more aware of what’s not working and what we need to do better. Now we find ourselves at a turning point – do we return to the “old normal” or do we kickstart the future?

It’s time for an update. That’s why we have partnered with ProjectTogether and other renowned organisations and institutions in a cross-sectional approach to create a future laboratory – UpdateDeutschland. It’s a chance for citizens, activists, digital developers, decision-makers from federal, state, and local governments to join forces and bring their ideas, creativity, and skills to tackle the most pressing societal challenges in a 48-hour Sprint. 

Are you ready to become a part of Germany’s largest open social innovation project? Bring your digital expertise to help improve the German bureaucracy, expand your network and meet impact-driven organizations and other people working for good. You can register as a participant, an organisation, an existing initiative, or a supporting partner. The event will be held in German, however, knowledge of the German language isn’t a requirement. So if you feel like you can share your ideas in English, don’t hesitate to join!

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UpdateDeutschland is organised under the patronage of the Federal Chancellery. Furthermore, the state governments of Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Saarland, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and over 100 cities support the project. The goal is to enable citizens of Germany to create and implement data-backed solutions for societal issues through an interdisciplinary approach, providing space for everyone to come together to work on a common goal. The selected solutions will be tested, piloted and developed further to be implemented on a broad scale.

There are six main areas of focus you can contribute to: 

➜ anti-discrimination, democracy and engagement, 

➜ education, lifelong learning and new work, 

➜ digital state and digital consumer protection, 

➜ health and mental well-being, 

➜ climate-neutral, livable future, 

➜ city and rural life

See the already submitted challenges here


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