Local Donation

About Local Donation

LocalDonation is a crowdfunding platform that helps local governments to coordinate their public economy, so to enable an efficient, democratic, secure and transparent way to donate to local governments.

When users visit the platform they can see posts local to them. When users support a suggestion, the platform requests a bank account and a crowdfunding description from the local government and treasury. Local Donation helps local governments to coordinate their public economy.


Team LocalDonation is invited to participate during the #Green4Europe Hackathon 2023. They describe their challenge as local governments often have no money, as well as too many debts, and the way to donate to local governments for concrete public projects is too inefficient. In the long term, the LocalDonation team would like to build the app as a blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with crypto payments for the traceability of funds, votes, and protection of funds against the country's currency inflation.

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