re:think Circular Economy – The AI Innovation Programme

7 June 2023

07:00 - 16:30

Remote & in-person

Our Hackathon Session with re:publica 2023 at Foyer (2), Arena Berlin (Google Maps) is set for June 7. Not there? Watch our live stream!

Unlock the power of innovation through our ongoing initiative, focused on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Circular Economy. Discover how this dynamic framework is addressing critical challenges.

The Challenges

With our initiative, we support and accelerate projects and early-stage startups across Europe pioneering AI use in circular economy applications. With joined forces, we work on three key challenges.


Incentives & Behaviour Change

Improve or innovative schemes and business models that incentivise people to participate in circular waste management practices. Identify sharing networks and other mechanisms that encourage waste reduction, reuse and recycling.


Collection & Classification of Waste

Develop further solutions to efficiently sort, collect and classify waste. Explore ways to improve waste management practices, such as who sorts the waste, at which stage in the process, and who decides whether it should be collected or brought.


Repair, Refurbish

Find ways to maximise the product lifetime of materials by developing new business models for harvesting, incentivising repair, and distribution of reusable packaging. Develop new technologies and practices for repairing, reusing and refurbishing waste to reduce the amount going to landfills.

You're not at re:publica 2023? Follow our innovation journey remotely!
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About the Programme

Technology and sustainability are two areas that are rapidly changing the world we live in. At our programme, we focus on the intersection of AI and the Circular Economy – two global megatrends that can help shape the future for the better. Our programme offers a unique opportunity to work alongside like-minded peers and experts in a creative and dynamic environment.

The highlight of our initiative is our Hackathon Session during the re:publica festival 2023. However, our programme extends beyond that, with our Open Innovation Platform that connects startups, projects, and innovators to collaborate and support one another. We believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, and our goal is to foster long-lasting connections and impact across industries and disciplines.

Work together with industry leaders.

At N3XTCODER we know how to code, but not so much about waste management. That's why we teamed up with BSR and Berlin Recycling to innovate new and existing ideas in the intersection of AI and Circular Economy. Together we work towards finding solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges facing the waste removal industry. Follow our journey!

Our Experts

Get ready to create impact! The programme is a great chance to showcase your skills and collaborate with other passionate innovators and digital professionals – a certificate of participation is included!

Individuals can join a team, gain experience, and attend the re:publica festival for free. It's the place to connect with outstanding experts. Participation in the programme is possible remote and right away. On June 7, 2023 there is an on-site Hackathon Session live at re:publica 2023, too.

Dina Padalkina
​Founder and City Lead at Circular Berlin
Anastasia Hofmann
Co-Founder KITRO & Sustainability Expert
Bianka Rieder
Managing Director at Berlin Recycling GmbH
photo of Timm Teubner
Timm Teubner
Professor for Trust in Digital Services at TU Berlin
Salah Said
Head of Sustainability at Klarna
Philipp Günther
Senior AI Innovation Manager at Berlin Partner
Roman Lipski
Quantum Blur Artist
Coral Ruz
Founder & CEO at Zero Waste Berlin Festival
Jonathan Moore
Co-Founder & CTO N3XTCODER
Florian Dohmann
Co-founder and Chief Creative of Birds on Mars
Mi-Ra Tai
Moderator & Business Coach
Alexander Balas
Digitalmanager at Berlin Recycling GmbH
Christina Jaeger
Co-Founder & Managing Director at Yunus Environment Hub
Vivian Michaelis
Projektmanager Digitalization, Innovation and Business development at Berliner Stadtreinigung
Karsten Pufahl
Research Associate (Postdoctoral Researcher) at Technische Universität Berlin
Lukas Scherrer
Founder of SHIBULERU
Alistair Alexander
Founder of Reclaimed Technologies
photo of Sebastian Löwe
Sebastian Löwe
Professor for design management, Co-founder "Designing With AI conference"
photo of Chris Schaumann
Chris Schaumann
Climate Activist, Former global vice-president Microsoft & Nokia Online Marketing
photo of Catriona McLaughlin
Catriona McLaughlin
Co-Founder and Managing Partner NORTH PARK
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More experts on-site
You're into #tech4good, social impact and open innovation? We are always looking for AI & Machine Learning Engineers, UX/ UI Designers, Software Developers, Marketers, Project Managers, Data Scientists, Circular Economy Experts, and the list goes on!

Our Expert Sessions

Throughout the programme there were several touch points, where projects, startups and team members have the chance to connect with strong civil society institutions, industry experts and peers right from the start of the programme.

Expert Session 2


Listen to our experts when they discuss their experiences with their projects, including pain points and solutions for the circular economy.

Expert Session 3


Listen to our experts as they unpack the need for innovative Circular Economy solutions in the field of waste management – combining multiple disciplines all together.

Vivien Michaelis

At Berliner Stadtreinigung, innovation is one of our core drivers. That’s why we've joined forces with N3XTCODER for the re:think, re:use, re:cycle – AI for the Circular Economy. The initiative brings together innovative circular economy solutions and leading experts to work as a catalyst for sustainable digital innovation. Together we’ll quickly generate valuable approaches for the field of waste removal and city cleanliness so that we can identify highly relevant solutions for our customers and us.

Vivien Michaelis

Project Manager at Berliner Stadtreinigung


Get a free ticket to the re:publica festival, where you can attend amazing panels, keynotes and network with like-minded people.


Get hands-on working experience with AI and the Circular Economy. Learn agile and modern working techniques.


You'll learn how to pitch your ideas and present them to an audience – a valuable skill in any industry!

About our Partners

Collaboration is critical to our programme's success, and our partners are essential in bringing together the best and brightest from across industries and disciplines. Their support and expertise help us foster a culture of innovation, impact, and interdisciplinarity that sets us apart. Together we create a more significant impact and bring a meaningful change towards a Circular Economy.

BSR logo

BSR (Berliner Stadtreinigung) is the municipal waste management company responsible for the collection and disposal of waste in Berlin, Germany. With over 6,000 employees, BSR is committed to sustainable waste management practices and works to continuously improve its services to meet the needs of its customers and the environment.

Berlin Recycling logo

Berlin Recycling is a private waste management company that provides recycling and waste disposal services for businesses and households in Berlin. With a focus on sustainability, Berlin Recycling aims to reduce waste and promote resource conservation through innovative solutions and partnerships with customers and stakeholders.

Logo republica

The re:publica is an annual conference that brings together digital experts, activists, and creatives to discuss the latest trends and issues in the digital world. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking, re:publica aims to inspire and empower individuals to create positive change through technology and digital media.

Logo Berlin Partner

Berlin Partner, as Berlin's business development agency, facilitates the growth of established companies and scientific institutions in the region. They connect them within the strong Berlin Partner network and offer valuable expertise in funding opportunities, location scouting, and recruitment of highly skilled personnel.

For our initiatives, progammes and events, we cooperate with strong and impactful partners. Our track record includes projects with governmental organisations, NGOs, NPOs and cooperations aiming to help solve one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about joining as an innovator, digital professional or submitting your project? Contact us at [email protected].