Collage wirth pictures showing people demonstrating and working and a text saying: Tech Support Matching, #Peace4Europe Initiative, The European civil society stands in unity and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. How can we support each other?

Professional tech support for humanitarian aid 

We stand with Ukraine. In solidarity, friendship and support. We help by bringing together digital professionals and NGOs with meaningful solutions for the people affected by the war. 

Together with experts from our corporate network, the social impact community and the science and tech communities, we join forces to solve their most pressing tech and design challenges. 

Join us to make a difference with your skills!

About the projects

We support trusted organisations that are already in the process of helping people affected by Putin’s invasion – from financial aid to relocation or psychological support. We invited four organisations from our direct network to start with. You can offer your support remotely. The selected organisations are ready to scale up their impact. All they need is your technical mind and hands-on support to develop their applications further and to protect their working solutions against cyber attacks.

Helpbus logo

helpbus provides free rides from the Ukrainian borders to other European countries. The helpbus team was the first organisation taking 14+ buses to the border and started to bring refugees into safety. After 10 days of non-stop support, now is the time to translate lessens learnt of the situation into an improved digital platform. 

Tech need:

To implement and enhance the coordination system, skills in product design, as well as UX/UI design are helpful right now. To develop the solution further, additional (senior) full-stack and javascript developers are needed, as well as DevOps experts, who can help with the deployment process and a project manager overviewing the process.

Wefugees logo

Wefugees offers a unique refugee support structure. An easy-access online tool allows new arrivals and locals – irrespective of whether they are refugees, volunteers or experts – to exchange solutions for individual problems. Wefugees works on an open-source basis and is looking for a solution to make the software/platform multilingual (not only the content).

Tech need:

PHP/MySQL skills to implement a new language switch button on the community software of The goal is to enable users to switch from English (status quo) to German or Ukrainian and back. The first step is to have the “software” translated. The user-generated content will be translated step by step manually and selectively. The system is built with the open-source software Question2Answer with the Donut theme.

dononate logo

In response to the crisis in Ukraine, dodonate launched a campaign in collaboration with to support some of the key organisations providing emergency aid to the people most affected by the war. 

The campaign is straightforward: placing displays with QR codes (donation points) allows people to donate in seconds, in as many locations as possible – with no friction. 

Tech need: 

UX/UI Design skills help optimize user journeys and, ultimately, help to generate more donations. To enhance traffic, especially marketing support, is beneficial in the current state. Experience in campaign design and execution can be helpful.

Redezeit für Dich Logo

REDEZEIT FÜR DICH – #virtualsupporttalks is a platform of over 350 German-speaking and (+70 other languages) speaking coaches, therapists and psychologists trained in listening who volunteer their ears and listen to other people. They do so free of charge and without obligation. All listeners at REDEZEIT listen regardless of the topic, origin, background, identity, sexuality, religion or political views.

Tech need:

Frontend Development support such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The system is built on Vue.js, however, knowledge of React, helps, too. The code is stored in Github, Open Social so to speak.

About the initiative

With #Peace4Europe, we connect frontline workers and their organizations with digital professionals. Together we work on real challenges that are slowing down humanitarian aid at the very moment.

We aim to facilitate meetings between people that organize humanitarian aid, help refugees searching safety, provide psychological support on the one hand with analytical minds, tech talent and developer skills on the other hand. 

At N3XTCODER, we think that makes sense as our roots, our mission, is to use modern technology for social good. And we got to know people in corporate positions supporting the same goal, and we bonded with digital professionals out of the tech4good scene over the same issues. 

This time we are coming together to support each other in tragic times. Together we stand up for peace and show our Ukrainian friends, our European neighbors that we see them. 

Designers and developers, humanitarian aid projects need your support

Working together with humanitarian aid projects, you can apply your skills to a real-world product, hands-on. You will be part of our community and other partners from our network. You will get a better understanding of how technology innovation can lead to sustainable help, saving resources of frontline workers. Learn from NGOs how they help where help is needed – and how you can help increase their impact with your skills. You can find the initiative's T&Cs here, and our Code of Conduct here.

Helpers, Projects, NGOs let us know your tech need

#Peace4Europe aims to help out projects that offer help on a scale. Triggered by Putin’s invasion, we sadly face one of the most tragic refugee situations of Europe’s recent history. Digital solutions that can work as a guide, anchor and support tool for refugees are needed more than ever. We want to contribute our skills and network to this issue. If you are working on a project or digital offer in this field and need support: reach out to us!


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