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Circular IQ accelerates companies that believe in the economic benefits of the circular economy. Their key product is an online software application which uses simple data to support intelligent decision making on circularity.

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All of us at Circular IQ believe passionately that circularity is the change the world needs. To get there we need to know more about our products, how they are made and what’s in it. We help companies capture these data to make positive changes and communicate the sustainability story of products, from how they were cultivated or made, to the water and energy consumed throughout their lifecycle.

It is our dream that companies will achieve 100% transparency, zero toxics and optimum use of resources, across their supply chain. And we see that procurement can be a strong driver. If we change what is being bought, we change entire systems. We believe that Circular IQ will help make this a reality – enabling collaboration at every level of the chain and delivering vital insights and analysis.

Our expertise spans sustainable supply chain data management, data analysis and visualization, circular economy policies and principles, sustainability standards and world-renowned concepts like Cradle to Cradle.