About Circulor

Doing business responsibly is now a mainstream issue. Circulor provides Traceability-as-a-Service, to verify responsible sourcing, to underpin effective recycling and to improve efficiency. The company reaches parts of OEM's supply chains that most currently have little real visibility into. Circulor supports manufacturers to address the UN Sustainability Goals 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure), 10 (Reduce inequalities) and 12 (Responsible consumption and production).

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Established in 2017, Circulor offers software-as-a-service providing traceability to manufacturers in supply chains to underpin responsible sourcing and responsible recycling.

The platform uses a symphony of technologies from a host of best of breed sources, plus their own proprietary applications, to reliably give a commodity an identity and to track supply chain data along the journey from source to consumption.

Within mapped supply chains Circulor proves responsible sourcing, demonstrates sustainable production and underpins effective recycling and reverses logistics.

​Supply chains are networks and no one Manufacturer/OEM can create visibility in their own supply chain alone. Circulor builds supply chain networks and utilises data insights cross these networks to better identify issues within them.

Circulor’s clients include car manufacturers (Volvo Cars, Daimler) for whom we provide assurance that the cobalt used in their electric vehicle (EV) batteries has been responsibly sourced, Gold miners (Affinor) to prove responsible gold mining in Western Africa, e-waste recyclers (American Manganese, Brunp) and the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer (CATL).

Recently cited by the OECD and Reuters news agency as the first example of tracking cobalt for a car manufacturer (Volvo Cars) and reported by Reuters as the first use of a blockchain to tracking a conflict mineral from mine to manufacturer (Tantalum/Rwanda).

Circulor is profoundly European, with two trading entities (Ireland, UK). Both entities use the Circulor trading name and brand, have equal access to the IP and have the same company directors.

Circulor has developed a platform that uses distributed ledger technology (blockchain), to create an immutable chain of custody record in the supply chain. The system uses IoT and tags to create digital twins and artificial intelligence to combat fraud and identify supply chain weaknesses to help target due diligence and compliance activity.

Using its technology platform as the foundation, Circulor offers clients Traceability-as-a-service for any manufacturer using raw materials that are associated with ethical, human rights or environmental issues. These include Cobalt, conflict minerals (many coming from Central Africa), Palm Oil from South-East Asia and cotton grown in the former Russian republics as well as food traceability. Learn more on Circulor's website.