About Teoleo

Teoleo is a free app for parents and professionals with exciting suggestions for the playful development of children aged 0-6 years. Every 14 days, Teoleo takes them into a new world of ideas with inspirations to play, sing, experiment and be joyful together.

Use your skills to support Teoleo!

Teoleo is a young, purely non-profit organization from the field of child and youth welfare. The aim is to give children between the ages of 0-6 a chance of a better start in life in various ways and to support parents in promoting the healthy development of their children. The team makes sure that all ideas are easy to implement in everyday life. The content is based on the recommendations for early childhood education and development such as "Light & Shadows", "Fairy Tale Worlds" or "My Body" for children from birth to school age. Written and created by an experienced pedagogical team and accompanied by their scientific partner - HAW Hamburg.

Support TEOLEO with your skills:

- UX/UI & Graphic Designer to make sure the educational content will be well received by the young users

- App & Web development support

- Marketing & Crowdfunding expert

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