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About OderDojo

#oderdojo - bringing CoderDojo, the free and open programming clubs for kids to rural areas in eastern Brandenburg.

Any kid today should get the chance to learn to code. In most bigger cities, nowadays, that is possible through various initiatives. In Berlin you can even choose the day of the week in most cases. But in rural areas it is an entirely different story.

Together with Neuland21 e.V. we want to change that and have started CoderDojo clubs in several smaller towns in eastern Brandenburg. Now, we want to expand the movement, make the offers sustainable so kids can continue to learn for a longer period of time, and bring it all together with other movements in the region such as the open FabLab association. For that we need (local) gal and guy power, some massive social media attack and some crowdfunding or corporate support.

So, are you with us to bring those kids some cool coding experiences?

Support OderDojo with your skills:

- Are you a growth hacker?

- Crowdfunding or fundraising expert?

- Brandenburger (at heart)?

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