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Prewave is an Artificial Intelligence startup building a global supply chain intelligence platform. Their technology analyzes social and news media in 50+ languages and detects and predicts disruption and sustainability risks. The platform allows to make local risks globally visible in order to make tomorrow’s supply chains more transparent, resilient and sustainable.

#Sustainability2030 Online Hackathon challenges

Design / Tech Challenge 1


The goal is to create a feature specification list, user stories (for Porsche employees and the suppliers) and a UI prototype to expand and enhance the existing "alert statement" functionality. It should fully meet Porsche's requirements, so that it can be used "in production" with their suppliers.


When Prewave reports a critical risk at a supplier (like a labor strike or poor working conditions) a Porsche employee needs to follow up with the supplier to understand the true magnitude of the risk and the impact on Porsche. This process should be supported on the Prewave platform itself, where the supplier is able to see the risk alert reported on Prewave and respond to it in a structured manner (Keyword: Ad-hoc processed, 6D/8D reports).

Design / Tech Challenge 2


The goal of the challenge is to develop a concept in shape of feature specifications, user stories and a UI mockup that enables n-tier transparency for supply chains.


Incidents in the depth of supply chains can quickly become a significant reputational risk for entire companies. Therefore they must act quickly to determine if a tier-n supplier is actually part of their supply chain or not. In many cases this information is not directly known to OEMs like Porsche and can only be determined in cooperation with the suppliers. In the challenge, a functionality should be developed that helps companies tracing down connections in n-tier supply chains in order to determine if a certain supplier is actually part of their supply chain.

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