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About ReDI School of Digital Integration

ReDI School of Digital Integration is a non-profit digital school for tech-interested newcomers in Germany. We offer our students high-quality training and the chance to collaborate with the start-up and digital industry. Our aim is to provide our students with valuable digital skills and a strong network of tech leaders, students and alumni to help create new opportunities for all.

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#Sustainability2030 Online Hackathon challenges

Design / Tech challenge


The goal is to develop a first prototype for a web platform with access for the different target groups.


In order to accelerate the job-market integration of our students and to make ReDI’s undiscovered tech-talent more visible to employers that are hiring we want to build a 360° Career Platform. The ReDI Career Platform shall have the following major features:

  1. Job Portal for tech companies that are hiring to share job ads for free

  2. Talent-pool to make exceptional ReDI Students and Alumni more visible to employers by making their skill level visible/transparent

  3. Coaching Corner to match students with coaches/mentors for 1:1 coaching sessions and to up-skill employees of partner companies through experienced ReDI alumni

  4. Career info page: with tutorials (CV, cover letter, job portals, labour law, information for migrants etc.), and links for self-study (online courses, certificates) and an event calendar (ReDI and external)

Porsche Pilot challenge


The goal is to develop a pilot collaboration concept that can be pitched to a company like Porsche in order to get a partner on board.


As our world becomes even more digitised, companies will need to hire new tech employees fast. ReDI students and alumni need jobs. To increase reach and professionalization of our platform, we would like to get a partner on board. There is a proposal for the platform project that includes the development timeline and the budget plan and that should be used for iteration and development of a pitch deck.

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