The founder of nextcoder giving a warm welcome to the meetup.

N3XTCODER Meetup "Future of Education" at Spielfeld Digital Hub

written by Lisa de Koster2019-09-10T17:30:43.900Z

What skills do people need in the next ten years?

How do we imagine the future of digital and non-digital learning?

What is the role that digitization plays for educational work in the future?

Encouraged by these questions, the participants of the N3XTCODER Meetup "Future of Education" listened to five pitches of ​​innovative digital educational initiatives and organizations.

The social tech company N3XTCODER, which fosters connections between the tech community and the social sector, invited to this event together with digital.engagiert, a funding initiative of Amazon and Stifterverband. Five of the twelve projects supported by digital.engagiert were able to present their projects at the event in front of 100 invited guests from the digital economy and education sector.

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Empowerment through digital solutions ...

Leonhard Nima and Simon Stegmann from N3XTCODER and Lydia Markowski from the Stifterverband welcomed their guests: "What kind of society do we want to live in, how do we use and shape existing and new technologies? This evening is dedicated to those with innovative ideas shaping the future of education!".

Such as Uwe Nicksch and Helena Sternkopf of Junge Tüftler and be able who presented their project HackyDays for the digitization of schools. The main goal is to enhance empathy and cooperation to enable better inclusion in schools.

Johanna Nothacker Co-Founcer of Labosium pitched a learning platform that aims to increase the joy of experimenting in the field of science and technology.

David Schraven from independent journalist network Correctiv presented their new project the Civic Academy for Media Literacy (Bürgerakademie für Medienkompetenz): David explored the question of how to counter fake news on a social level by educating vocational school students on a large scale in Germany. The conclusion: Crucial for success are a profound education and sound media literacy. "We want to inform the general public about media literacy to immunize society against populism and disinformation campaigns”.

... and by singing!

The team around LEE presented their vision with a fancy sketch: They want to offer a safe support network for queer adolescents with their app through promoting exchange and bringing people together by matching mentees with mentors. The loudest pitch came from Clara Schürle of Kinderchorland. The Children's Choir creates a digital community to encourage the creation of children's choirs in rural areas – because singing promotes child development, enhances soft skills such as empathy and listening, and boosts self-confidence. Clara spontaneously animated the audience to sing, convincing everyone impressively of the positive effect of music and the idea behind the project.

After two hours of inspiration and insights, the participants enjoyed the get-together in a relaxed atmosphere and with a bunch of new ideas – further discussions about the "Future of Education" included.

If you are interested in contributing your skills and ideas by participating in one of our projects to shape the future of the educational landscape, then contact N3XTCODER.

You can also support the projects through the online platform or visit one of the upcoming Meetups.