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About Work Ahead

Work Ahead develops software that enterprises use for making their supply chains more ethical, transparent and sustainable.

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Supply chains are all around us. Almost anything we buy has been made by many people, working across companies, all around the world. If you’re wearing jeans, they are likely made of cotton that someone grew and harvested; that was processed and made into yarn and fabric, and sewn into jeans. The metal zipper and buttons made their own long journey into your clothing, alike any other part.

Most enterprises buy from thousands of suppliers, many times located in emerging markets. It is quite hard to keep track of so many suppliers, and ensure that their operations are ethical and sustainable. Yet, it is very important: today there are 24 million people in forced labour, and 152 million children work. Many more work in inhumane conditions. At the same time, there are many companies taking good care of their workers and our planet.

At the core of Work Ahead’s technology is an open-source blockchain. Enterprises and their suppliers use the blockchain to share their work towards sustainable development: from labor rights training data and supplier sustainability questionnaires to carbon footprint calculations.

Work Ahead also provides practical tools to advance ethical and transparent sourcing. Work Ahead’s video-based, anonymous worker survey has been used in supply chains from coffee farms in Costa Rica to craftwork in Pakistan, and from small scale farmers in Thailand to factory workers in Turkey. The results, naturally, can be shared transparently with consumers and stakeholders, helping us choose products and companies that advance a world where everyone lives and works in freedom, equality and human dignity.

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