Future Of Food Meetup Presentation about Entorganics

Tech and Food for a sustainable future.

written by Jakub Potrykus2019-06-26T17:30:43.900Z

On Tuesday, the 4th of June, N3XTCODER and Spielfeld hosted a meetup giving a platform to start-ups that strive to have a social impact. The overarching topic was food and how tech solutions can shape a more sustainable and healthy future. Three great and innovative projects were presented, but the real exchange happens afterwards when everybody has the chance to network and communicate with the speakers and the interesting people in the audience. If you are looking forward to connect and converse, stay informed and sign up for the newsletter.


Entorganics proposes a new diet with insects as a replacement for meat that could reduce carbon emissions in food production by up to 99%.

If you want to learn more about their project and vision, visit their website. Or follow their instagram for recipes and appetizing pictures.

Entorganics, the future diet.

Farm & Food

Digitalization is one of the most important steps towards the future in any business.

Farm & Food seeks to connect producers, consumers and researchers in a vast network that prioritizes sharing data and solutions.

Should you be interested in the roundtables, workshops or debates they organise, visit their website for more information.

Digital value along the value chain.


A sustainable future through cooperation. SuperCoops goal is to create a transparent and community-driven shopping experience, giving power back to the consumer and reducing waste in the process. To learn more about how SuperCoop is trying to achieve this please visit their website.

Empowering consumers through cooperation.