On the FinTech for Impact Challenge key visual you can see three people working and hacking on a sustainable fintech solution towards reaching the 17 UN SDG's.

The #FinTech4Impact ProductHack 2020

The ProductHack is part of this year’s FinTech 4 Impact Challenge that brings together startups and banks to shape a more sustainable future of payments and banking.

At the ProductHack, we invite 4 of the most innovative European impact-driven FinTech startups. Together with domain experts from Visa, leading German banks and top digital professionals, we will build strong interdisciplinary teams to identify new ways of creating collective impact.

Do not accept the status quo! Join us to make a difference with your skills.

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4 September 2020

07:00 - 14:00

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Online Hackathon - Join us from wherever you are!


About the ProductHack

At the Hackathon we build powerful interdisciplinary teams that work on how startups and banks can collaborate and join forces on a product & services level. Together we want to identify and develop lighthouse projects/concepts that have the potential to boost the sustainable product offering and sustainability practices in banking.

If you are a digital professional, FinTech expert or just very passionate about the topic we encourage you to apply!

Focus Areas

We will invite 4 startups under the broad theme of FinTech for social impact with a particular focus on the following topics:

  • Responsible Banking & Payments
  • Social Impact Investments & Lending
  • Support of Local Economies and Businesses
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Data for good


9.00am – 2.00pm: ProductHack (Work Sessions - Invitation only)

2.00pm – 2.15pm: Impulse Panel Visa

2.15pm – 3.45pm: Presentation of the results (open to wider audience)

About the Startups

To learn more about the startups, please watch their pitches on our Summer of Sustainable Fintech Meetup Series page or follow the links to their websites below!

Product Managers, UX Designers, Marketing & Communication cracks the #FinTech4Impact ProductHack teams need your support!

During the hackathon you get the opportunity to apply your skills to a real-world product.

  • You will be surrounded by industry experts and other partners from our network
  • You will get a better understanding of how technology innovation can lead to a more sustainable financial services industry
  • You will learn from social entrepreneurs how they identified “hot spots” within the current system and how you can increase their impact with your skills
  • You will broaden your network and learn from other social entrepreneurs how easy it can be to become a changemaker

If you have experience in:

Business modelling and the process of analysing the viability and value of a product or service.

Marketing and the process of communicating the product or service to customers and users.

User experience or how to model the interactions with the product or service - generating wireframes and user flows is a bonus.

You don't need to prepare; however, we encourage you to inform yourself about the status quo of these topics by participating in our Meetup Series. Also don’t forget to read the recommendations for a perfect online hackathon setup in our acceptance email.

At N3XTCODER we strongly support the Global Goals launched by the United Nations.

We at N3XTCODER strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015. A 17-point plan to end poverty, halt climate change and fight injustice and inequality, the Global Goals are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place. A plan that 193 governments have agreed, a plan that the world wants and needs. A plan backed by leading business and organisations. A to-do-list for the planet that will only be achieved if everyone plays their part. N3XTCODER aims to identify and work with the best technology solutions and digital products that have the great potential to tackle the most pressing problems that persist today.