Picture shows portrait photos of people in a polygon shape, the hackathon's partners' logos as well as following text: Future of Education Hackathon Number 3.From coding to culture: Support some of the most promising ed-tech startups in Germany. Work on real impact challenges with experts from AWS, Amazon, Stifterverband and N3XTCODER – hands-on and right away. At N3XTCODER, we strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015.
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29 April 2021

07:00 - 16:00

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Online Hackathon – join us from wherever you are! Applications are open until Tuesday, April 27, 2021, 12:00 pm

Future of Education Hackathon #3

Here we go: <i>digital.engagiert</i> is entering another round. The program, with its annual support round, is designed to kickstart social initiatives and their digital solutions benefiting our society as a whole.

Out of more than 230 submitted projects, the expert jury has already selected twelve. You can be part of this impact story! What can you expect? Arts, culture and civic engagement for a better and just society.

Join us on Thursday, April 29, 2021 and use your skills for good: Shape the future of education by supporting innovative ed-tech solutions and build your own impact network!

About the Hackathon

The Future of Education Hackathon is designed to bring the participating ventures/teams to the next level and aims to achieve three major goals:

  • Strengthen and support civil society digitalization projects working in education and culture
  • Establish a collective impact format that encourages social entrepreneurs, education experts, culture associations and the tech community to work together
  • Develop digital solutions that help to broaden digital education approaches 

About digital.engagiert

The program is made to have an impact that lasts: All teams receive extensive coaching and benefit from a broad network of experts from technology, civil society, and social enterprises. Moreover, the three winning teams that convinced the jury the most will receive additional prize money totaling 30,000 euros so that they can continue to take off after the funding round.

Learn more about the participating ventures

Die Affirmative mood image and hackathon professions

Die Affirmative

In improvisation theatre, young people can develop personally and creatively. With the project Spotlight Spontan, “Die Affirmative“ wants to make improvisational theatre accessible to all young people – digitally. Through an online portal, young people can book digital improv theatre workshops and network with each other.

Hacker School mood image and hackathon professions

Hacker School

The Hacker School offers diverse programming projects to get young people excited about IT and programming. Now it wants to bring its "Hacker School@home" offer to schools in the near term. The goal is to introduce pupils to programming, train IT trainees to become teachers and show teachers how they can support.

Haydee mood image and hackathon professions


Some children have a harder time at school than their peers. Haydee! supports them with digital tutoring and thus ensures more equal opportunities. The initiative brings together volunteer mentors and mentees. In addition, mentors can network and share their know-how with each other.

LOVIS mood image and hackathon professions


The LOVIS project is developing an app that teenagers can use to inform themselves anonymously and in an age-appropriate way about sexual development issues – via chatbot. LOVIS answers the teenagers' questions based on expert knowledge in order to support them in their free and individual development.

MEIN MUTIGER WEG mood image and hackathon professions


In order to prevent dropouts from training and studies, it is important to have modern and sustainable career guidance at schools. The digital platform “TRAUMJOB CAMPUS” teaches pupils in an age-appropriate and interactive way what is important when choosing a career. Selected coaches provide individual support.

naklar.io mood image and hackathon professions


Many pupils need tutoring in a subject at least once during their school career – but extracurricular learning assistance is simply too expensive for many families. The app naklar.io connects pupils with certified volunteer tutors: Whether via audio chat, video chat or a virtual blackboard.

Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage mood image and hackathon professions

Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage

Anti-Semitism is still a major social problem. The “Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage e.V.” is now digitalizing its interactive educational offer for young people: Through exchanges, online training and online events, young people learn skills to take a courageous stand against anti-Semitism in everyday life.

Novaheal mood image and hackathon professions


In nursing training, theory and practice are often far apart. The result: Far too many dropouts. Novaheal is developing a digital learning platform for nursing trainees to counteract this trend. The platform conveys learning content in an interactive and playful way in order to improve nursing training in the long term.

Rapper* ohne Grenzen mood image and hackathon professions

Rapper* ohne Grenzen

“Rapper* ohne Grenzen” helps children worldwide to learn the English language – through rap. In the form of online workshops, they teach children how to write lyrics and create instrumental music – with mutual support and guided by rap artists around the world.

Schule ein Gesicht geben mood image and hackathon professions

Schule ein Gesicht geben

Schools should be democratic places for children where they can participate, co-design and have a say. In order to make use of the great potential of pupil councils, the association "Schule ein Gesicht geben" has come up with something: The team provides class representatives and pupil councils with know-how through an app: Barrier-free, interactive and intuitive to use.

Vote rookie mood image and hackathon professions

Vote Rookie

Different barriers make it hard for young people to participate politically. Vote Rookie wants to change that: On their digital platform, young people can start citizens' initiatives or vote on their own issues – and learn political media skills at the same time.

WOHN:SINN mood image


Creating inclusive forms of housing for people with disabilities is no easy task. WOHN:SINN wants to develop a barrier-free learning platform on which people with disabilities, their relatives, professionals and counselling centres can learn from each other. An interactive community answers all questions about inclusive forms of housing quickly and easily.

The Jury

Impulse Sessions at the Event

What's in it for you?

  • Meaningful contribution and societal impact: Invest your time and apply your skills in a valuable and meaningful way to strengthen and shape civil society digitization projects aimed at education, participation and culture
  • Valuable learning experiences and insights into the future of education: Work directly with these experts and with the inspiring <i>digital.engagiert</i> social entrepreneurs, learn how they identified “hot spots” within the current system and get a better understanding of how technology innovations can lead to new teaching and learning formats
  • Exchange know-how and work on digital innovations together to realise creative social, digital products that last
  • Expand your professional network in the impact tech world and connect with numerous experts from the <i>digital.engagiert</i> and N3XTCODER network: Take your chance to connect with digital experts from Amazon, AWS, education professionals from Stifterverband and other thinkers and creative minds from technology, civil society and social enterprises

This Hackathon is for you if ...

  • You are an individual (frontend, backend, full-stack developer; data scientist; UX/UI designer; digital marketer; education expert, or passionate and creative changemaker) with ambition, skills, and expertise to bring such a solution/concept into reality


  • You want to contribute your experience as a facilitator (by bringing in their creative and management abilities to ensure that the team processes will happen smoothly, on time and as an enriching experience for everyone involved) to make sure our teams achieve the best possible outcome

Either way, you become part of an interdisciplinary team bringing together innovators, education specialists, culture enthusiasts, digital professionals, and entrepreneurs, that aims to support one or more of the above-described projects.

In preparation for this hackathon, each of the twelve teams receives personal coaching sessions with N3XTCODER to define the hackathon challenges – which results in highly specialised, predefined problem statement(s) from each team such as

UI Animation

Digital prototypes and landing pages with comprehensive graphs /designs

Website Animation

A new app/website feature

UX Animation

The UX design of a user journey

Concept Animation

Concepts of non-digital and digital solutions

Marketing Animation

Pitch decks/marketing campaigns

System Animation

A tracking system to better understand the user experience

You, as a participant, will have the chance to directly jump into one of the hands-on challenges after getting to know one out of the twelve social initiatives and their founder(s). As soon as the hackathon starts, you can bring in your digital expertise – making it count for change!


N3XTCODER is a Berlin-based impact tech hub that helps both young and established companies to develop and scale sustainable and social solutions. We identify and work with the best data-backed technology solutions and projects, providing them with the expertise and skills required to transform an idea into a disruptive digital product. At N3XTCODER, we strive to use data for good and work to build solutions that have the potential to tackle the most pressing problems that persist today. We strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015.