Developers in Vogue

About Developers in Vogue

An AI-powered online platform to connect female tech talent from Africa to projects and job opportunities from anywhere in the world. This platform will also serve as an online professional network for African women to connect with others in the industry where they can share ideas, collaborate on projects, start businesses and generally create a safe space for them to thrive.

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The initial idea for Developers in Vogue was to connect skilled African women in tech to job opportunities. However, after extensive market research and idea validation, we found out that though our intentions were great, the reality on the ground was that there weren’t even enough African women in tech to take up the available job openings. We decided to take a step further to offer coding training to women with the aim of getting them ready for the market. Now that we have well-rated training programs currently running; leading to a consistent pipeline of female tech talent, we are now in the best position to roll out on our online platform tailored for African women looking for career, mentorship and generally a safe space to thrive in the tech industry.

In the past 18 months, more than women have gone through our program and we have so far placed 50%+ of them into internships, full-time jobs and incubator programs locally and internationally. Our ladies have taken up roles in companies like Microsoft, Vodafone, the World Bank, Ecobank, Zipline, Hubtel and others. However, providing these women with training and job/incubator placement isn’t enough; we’re daily striving to create a supportive community for the women in our network. Learn more on Developers in Vogue website.