About Haelixa

Haelixa is a multi-award winning spinoff of ETH Zurich innovation and entrepreneurship labs, where they developed the Haelixa technology since 2012. They design and manufacture a unique DNA tracer to be assigned to each individual product, model or batch. The tracers are applied to products and materials at any step of the supply chain by the customers themselves. The labelling assigns the item a unique "DNA identity". At any point in time, the product is submitted to a quick "paternity test" and results are uploaded to the cloud. The test can be conducted at Haelixa laboratories or on-site.

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Haelixa is an ETH Zurich spin-off that provides reliable in-product traceability solutions to ensure consumer good supply chain transparency and integrity. Haelixa works on some of the most complex and least transparent supply chains, including highly discrete precious material sourcing and cotton, which on average has made a journey of up to 15’000 km from farm to your wardrobe.

Haelixa solutions use robust and harmless biomarkers based on DNA. Distinct DNA markers can be physically applied to almost any raw material (e.g. cotton at a farm), or at potentially any node down the supply chain, and travel with it throughout the entire life cycle. Each marker is a label of quality that uniquely identifies each individual farm, manufacturer, or batch. At any point during production, the material can be submitted to a quick paternity test. This unravels the history of the product and ultimately verifies or disproves its authenticity.

At Haelixa, transparency is in our DNA. Let's make your product’s story transparent too.