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Oeko-Tex are a non-profit certification and standards body, mapping textile sourcing including leather. They pioneered work on the MADE IN GREEN platform (a traceable consumer label for sustainable textiles). Each item with the MADE IN GREEN label features a unique product ID and/or a QR code allowing you to trace the article’s production. Each product ID gives you visibility into the various stages of production as well as the countries in which textiles were manufactured.

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After years of development work, the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® was first presented to the public in 1992. It is a globally recognised testing and certification system which excludes or strictly regulates the use of possibly harmful substances in textiles in the framework of extensive laboratory tests. Textile products can only carry the OEKO-TEX® label if all components meet the required test criteria, including rivets, buttons, zips, interlinings etc.

The testing for harmful substances is based on a scientifically founded criteria catalogue with more than 100 individual parameters. The test criteria are globally binding and are adapted to the newest findings every year. In their entirety they go far beyond national legislation. In view of different guidelines for harmful substances and environmental standards in the production countries they create added transparency and comparability. Textiles with the OEKO-TEX® test label feature skin-friendly properties, regardless of where they were manufactured and without compromises on functionality, care properties or modern style.