About Correctiv

The European election campaign has once again demonstrated the importance of social media in democracy. Many citizens, even politicians and journalists of classical media have difficulties in dealing with the new media. For this reason CORRECTIV has developed together with the Reporterforum e.V. a citizen academy for media education. The project wants to help educate the public: it shows the work of classical and social media in detail and how to identify disinformation.

Investegative // Independent // Social

With offices in Essen and Berlin CORRECTIV is working towards an enlightened society. Their team of reporters researches topics of high relevance, uncovers grievances and makes complex interrelations understandable. Our democracy does not function without independent, strong journalism. At present, however, journalism is under twofold pressure: firstly, digitisation is undermining the traditional revenue models of the media. Secondly, opponents of open society are trying to discredit journalists with disinformation. CORRECTIV is mainly financed by donations and foundation contributions. This makes us independent of advertising revenues, sales figures and quotas. We can concentrate on time-consuming research and high-quality content. We feel exclusively committed to truthfulness and the common good. For us, other media are not competitors, but partners. With our work we contribute to diversity and quality in the media system.

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