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Training with VR

About Training with VR

The aim of the project Training with VR is to design a virtual reality (VR) based training environment for volunteer paramedics at the DRK. The use of VR enables the qualification of paramedics to be future-oriented, location-independent, realistic and at the same time subject-specific. The project supports the introduction of practical lifelong learning as well as to strengthen principal and volunteer services.

At the same time, it aims to provide a higher level of attractiveness for volunteers to serve in welfare organisations, such as the DRK. The digitisation with VR allows us to place the DRK as a modern and attractive volunteer organisation in the centre of the 21st century.

We envision a virtual training environment like civil aviation flight simulators except that our training will happen in and around a typical rescue vehicle/ambulance.

We aim to provide a Virtual Reality learning environment with which learning experiences can be created and learning activities can be evaluated and analysed (using xAPI).

The VR environment will be “VR Classroom” ready to allow multiple users to use one virtual training module simultaneously. As of today, only a few VR Headsets allow the data protection and privacy settings required for immersive learning spaces. At present, we are experimenting with HTC Vive Focus Plus and or Pico Neo 2 (officially launched in September 2019). Both headsets allow the use of external xAPI driven learning analytics that provides users with the maximum of data protection and privacy (data sovereignty).

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