About Transparency-One

Transparency-One enables companies to discover, analyze and monitor all suppliers, components and facilities from source to store.

Do you know who supplies your suppliers? How can I ensure my whole supply chain has the right certifications? How can I know the country of origin of key components, down to the source? How can I tell which of my products are impacted by a crisis? How can I reduce modern slavery or social responsibility risks?

This is where problems often occur. Fraudulent Components. Unknown Origins. Unsafe Facilities.

Transparency means knowing the network of suppliers, components, and facilities in the entire supply chain down to the source. It means understanding the certification compliance, country of origin, and production environment at every stage in the process. Transparency-One maps the entire supply chain, tracks compliance, and provides analytics to proactively manage business risks. It leads to a reduction in fraud, unsafe facilities, social responsibility risks, and unknown sources. It results in better information, leading to stronger consumer trust.