About Ulula

Ulula is a worker and community voice platform that connects businesses to the key stakeholders they affect to create more transparent, accountable and productive supply chains. By leveraging diverse and accessible information communication technologies (ICT) and real-time dashboard analytics, Ulula enhances social dialogue and promotes better decision-making around key social and labour impact indicators. Our tools are amplifying worker and community voices across sectors - from farms to factories - in 20+ countries.

Ulula is a social enterprise that equips organizations with technology, data and analytics to monitor risks of human rights abuses in order to create more responsible supply chains.

With projects across the globe including India, the DRC, Brazil, China, and with clients ranging from NGOs to government departments to large multinational corporations, Ulula is used by global companies to reduce the cost of social compliance and manage labour risks more effectively. Through simple mobile phones, chatbots anonymously collect data directly from workers in any language, almost anywhere in the world.

Labour insights can be triangulated with productivity and turnover data, providing a robust representation of how worker wellbeing, satisfaction, and engagement relates to productivity, turnover and absenteeism. Real-time insights, analytics, and visual reports help decision-makers protect workers rights, ensure business continuity, protect the brand’s reputation, achieving a competitive advantage with other stakeholders, like investors and industry associations.

Ulula is the most accessible worker voice solution. Workers can interact with the system on any device including flip phones, smartphones, tablets, computers, and landlines. Communication channels include SMS, voice call, web, app and WhatsApp.

Since launching in 2013, Ulula was named Best Social Enterprise at InnovateToronto150 and won the 2018 Ethical Corporation New Start-up of the Year Award. Ulula is venture-backed by several leading impact investors and has been featured in newspapers such as Financial Times, Globe and Mail, and Toronto’s Now Magazine.

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