Picture showing a backstage of ArtSocial21 with live-stream setup by N3xtcoder at Spielfeld Digital Hub
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30 April 2022

12:00 - 17:00

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Join us online!


Crea-Thon + Art Festival = #ArtSocial22 Transformations-Festival

Learn, Create & transform - around the modern deadly sins

Envy and greed, elbow society and stinginess seem to determine our lives. How to change that? We use our creative powers to turn the modern deadly sins of society into something constructive, inspiring and forward-looking in a transformation process. 

Learn from inspiring speakers and artist about the modern deadly sins of society:











#ArtSocial22 is a one-month hybrid Crea-Thon experience starting with a virtual Kick-Off event on April 1, 2022. 

Top-class speakers from art and society will share insights and provide you with food for thought on the deadly sins. The Kick-Off event will be streamed live and free for the public to watch. 

Join us on April 1st, watch the programme and get inspired!

The concept

During the month of April the Crea-Thon will take place in various locations in Germany. Thereby, creative islands work at their own pace to create positive transformation. For example, a creative island could work on a choreography about "Envy" and result in one that deals with “Solidarity”. The process can be documented as a product, song, film, game or something alike. Register for one of the creative islands and create your own transformational work in exchange and under guidance of artists!

All creative islands will present their final work in the form of a live presentation or recording at the Art Festival on April 30, 2022. This event will also be streamed live and free to the public to watch.

About the initiative

#ArtSocial22 is an initiative by Der Paritätische Baden-Württemberg, Kreativagentur Brandenburg and Social Impact with creative & technical support from, N3XTCODER.


N3XTCODER is a Berlin-based impact tech hub that helps both young and established companies to develop and scale sustainable and social solutions. We identify and work with the best data-backed technology solutions and projects, providing them with the expertise and skills required to transform an idea into a disruptive digital product. At N3XTCODER, we strive to use data for good and work to build solutions that have the potential to tackle the most pressing problems that persist today. We strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that have been launched by the United Nations in 2015.

UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals