#Green4Europe – the incubation programme for a sustainable digital economy in Eastern Europe

11 February - 31 March 2023

Starts at 08:00

Key visual of the #Green4Europe Incubation Programme: a map of Europe, built out of icons.
2022 has brought Ukraine and South East Europe to everyone’s attention. Worldwide. The challenges for the region run deeper than the current conflict and extend far outside the borders of Ukraine.
The #Green4Europe Incubation Programme accelerates promising digital solutions to advance the economic development of Eastern European countries. Digital professionals from East to West come together to support startups working on solutions for a better, greener future.

On February 10th, our Sustainability Hackathon was held, and three outstanding teams were selected by the expert jury as the winners: Congratulations to everyone involved!

You can still support them in the current Incubation & Scaling Phase. Make a difference by helping these amazing projects move forward! Learn more about the projects and how to join one of the teams below.

Meet the Winning Projects



A contributors driven global sensor network that creates Open Environmental Data.


A technology-driven B2B agri marketplace for the transparent digital food supply chain that unites fruits and vegetable producers with enterprises

Greenmaker pic


Planted trees inventory map for volunteers and eco-projects.

Make a difference with your code, DevOps, or infra skills, and join the ongoing #Green4Europe Incubation Programme. Sign up, log in, and support selected #GreenTech solutions!

Programme Timeline

The programme's schedule extends over several weeks through three phases, accelerating participating teams in all relevant practice fields.


Through the following touch points, teams can receive top-level mentorship & expertise and exposure among strong civil society institutions, industry leaders, and government institutions.

Expert Talk 1:
Growing a Start-up from a CTO Perspective

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Jonathan Moore, the co-founder and CTO at N3XTCODER: forming startups from a technical perspective.

Expert Talk 2:
Marketing 101: How to Growth-Hack your Startup

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Elena Poughia, the Managing Director of Dataconomy Media GmbH and the Founder & Head Curator of Data Natives: Forming startups from a marketing perspective and how you can do this with zero to almost no budget.

Expert Talk 3:
Technology and the Climate Crisis: Open Source, Tech for Low (carbon) Impact

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Alistair from Reclaimed.Systems and Lukas from Sensor.Community: How to build sustainability into your product.

Expert Talk 4:
The Perfect Pitch – How to deliver it and convince anyone

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Clara Fischer, our marketing expert: Essential parts of good pitch decks, speaking techniques, how to talk to an audience with ease, and what to do when you have a blackout.

Expert Talk 5:
Session with Daniel Nowack, Head of Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum

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Daniel Nowack: the most urgent issues to tackle to boost the sustainable economic development of Eastern European countries and key success factors for early-stage startups to scale up.

Our Experts

Join the programme and connect with our #Green4Europe experts.

Portrait of Elene Jvania
Elene Jvania
Co-founder and Co-Director Impact Hub Tbilisi
Portrait of Stefan Hörhammer
Stefan Hörhammer
COO & Founder Medialine
Olesya Malovanaya pic
Olesya Malovanaya
Chairwoman of the Board Ukrainian hub
Sasha Bezuhanova pic
Sasha Bezuhanova
Chairperson of WWF-CEE, angel investor, green activist and philanthropist
Manouchehr Shamsrizi pic
Manouchehr Shamsrizi
Entrepreneur, sustainability and digital expert
Portrait of Victoria Godik
Victoria Godik
Development Director, NGO “Energy Country”
Portrait of Alistair Alexander
Alistair Alexander
Director/Producer of reclaimed.systems
Elena Poughia
Elena Poughia
Managing Director of Dataconomy Media GmbH and Founder & Head Curator of Data Natives
Portrait of Jan Philipp Hoepfner
Jan Philipp Hoepfner
DevOps Engineer Medialine
Plga Grinina pic
Olga Grinina
Web3/ Blockchain Marketing & Communications Executive
Andreas Beckmann pic
Andreas Beckmann
Regional CEO at WWF-CEE
Mi-Ra Tai pic
Mi-Ra Tai
Business Coach & Sustainability Expert
Daniel Nowack pic
Daniel Nowack
Head for Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship at World Economic Forum
Coral Ruz pic
Coral Ruz
Founder Zero Waste Festival - Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise '21
Petro Darmoris pic
Petro Darmoris
Board Member at Social Economy Europe & Managing Director at Social Economy Ukraine
Portrait of Simon Stegemann
Simon Stegemann
Co-Founder & CEO N3XTCODER
Clara Fischer pic
Clara Fischer
Chief Marketing Officer and Impact & Sustainability Communication
Portrait of Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore
CTO & Co-Founder N3XTCODER
Portrait of Florian Jaksch
Florian Jaksch
FinTech Specialist

Your Profile

We’re looking for experienced engineers, developers and tech strategists who can help us support young innovators in the South East Europe region to build back a better, greener future. We especially welcome women mentors who can inspire the next generation of young tech leaders.

Software Development
Coding in any language (Kubernetes, Docker, Unix, Bash/Shell, LaaS, PaaS, Terraform)

UX/UI Design
Making wireframes and user flows

Data Modelling and Mining
SQL, noSQL, or other ways to work with data

Business Modelling
Analysing viability and value of a product and service

Marketing and Communication
Communicating the product or service to customers and users

User Experience
Modelling the interactions with the product or service


We mobilise the Eastern region’s unique skills and networks by combining deep tech with entrepreneurship. By joining the #Green4Europe initiation, you will:

  • Give hands-on focused support to ambitious new projects that will make full use of your skill-set;
  • Inspire the next generation of tech talent in a transformative project that offers life-changing opportunities;
  • Invest a small amount of your time in helping to rebuild the region for a better, greener future;
  • Make the best use of your expertise.
Hackaton testimonial from participant Chandraprakash Jha

Every minute with N3XTCODER at the 4th CASSINI Hackathon felt well spent! It was great to see our team go through several development phases so quickly. The event's framework provided many experts and mentors who helped us to develop our concept rapidly. Overall we all appreciated the guidance accessible for every step of the process. In the end, our team even won 1st place!

Chandraprakash Jha

Social Entrepreneur at Fashion for Biodiversity

Our Partners

The #Green4Europe initiation is supported by the Federal German Office and a strong partner network from the corporate world to science.

Auswertiges Amt Logo
Medialine Logo
Logo Impact Hub Tbilisi
Logo Energy Country Ukraine

I'm happy to have been part of N3XTCODER's recent hackathon as a Jury member: surrounded by high-level participants, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, one can feel how technology can contribute to a more sustainable future. At the 4th CASSINI Hackathon, I found myself in numerous discussions about how space technology and data can enable #Greentech for banking and insurance services. Very enlightening!

Magdalena Zieleniewska

Senior Manager Sustainability Solutions at Visa

About #Green4Europe

2022 has brought Ukraine and South East Europe into sharp focus. The challenges for the region run deeper than the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, and they extend far outside Ukraine’s borders. Already existing economic imbalances in Europe will be further exacerbated in the course of a green and digital transition that will fundamentally change the economies of European regions. 

Young creators in South Eastern Europe want to build a future beyond war, a future built on innovation, sustainability, and peace. We need to support young, innovative people and projects to regenerate their future.

In 2021, in the weeks before the invasion, the #Green4Europe Hackathon Series built a promising new network in Ukraine and Georgia of young innovators and creators, civic tech startups, and civil society who worked with German tech partners to seek out and develop the green tech projects to regenerate the region.

Despite the events of the past year, the #Green4Europe network is still strong. We redouble our efforts and build up this network further. Working again with the German Foreign Ministry and drawing on the #Alliance4Ukraine platform, from December 2022 to April 2023, we will find and support the most exciting new innovators and projects from Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, and Moldova.

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N3XTCODER is a Berlin-based impact tech hub that helps both young and established companies to develop and scale sustainable and social solutions. We identify and work with the best data-backed technology solutions and projects, providing them with the expertise and skills required to transform an idea into a disruptive digital product. At N3XTCODER, we strive to use data for good and work to build solutions that have the potential to tackle the most pressing problems that persist today. We strongly support the Global Goals and aim for all our projects and partners to contribute to one or more of the 17 Global Goals that were launched by the United Nations in 2015.

SDGs and n3xtcoder team