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Greenmaker is a web app that collects information about all the planted trees around the world. Led by a small group of developers, designers, and legal professionals, the product aims to unite people and resources to develop a culture of caring for plants, so to inspire everyone to make our world a greener place. With Greenmaker web app, users can pin their planted trees on a map. Users can also invite others to join their project, for example, at a tree planting event. This is a community for knowledge sharing and a place where environmental impacts are made visible.


During the #Green4Europe Hackathon 2023, Greenmaker, together with Games Forest Club, another forestation venture, will optimise the user experience of the app and come up with more fun solutions to engage users, so that more of us will participate actively in tree planting worldwide. The Greenmaker team is looking for product and design talents as volunteers to take their project to the next level.

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