AI Discovery Lab: Elevate your product and tech vision with a series of tailored AI, machine learning, and data workshops.

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Fast Feedback

  • Get fast feedback on your problem and/or solution (often < 2 weeks)
  • Evaluate quickly if AI is more than a buzzword for you

Access the cutting edge

  • Leverage the potential of AI for your organisation
  • Get orientation in a sometimes complex, sometimes arcane, always fast-moving field

Get clarity on your objective

  • Benefit from a decade of N3XTCODER's product development, software engineering, and AI experience


The lab is divded into 3 phases, over 2-3 short online workshops (2h each):

  1. Discovery

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Shine a spotlight on the objective or challenge a solution would address.

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Define a North Star metric for the project (the primary quantitative indicator of value).

Pictogram showing steps

Identify key drivers to this outcome.

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Define hypotheses and design suitable approaches for potential solutions.

Pictogram showing data sources

Gather information on data sources, data model, and access potential.

  1. Research & Development

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Evaluate potential for  the state-of-the-art Data Science, AI, and technology solutions to drive the objectives.

Explore hands-on software development and no code with feasibility in mind.

  1. Analysis

Evaluate results of our tests.

Explore any evident conclusions.

Summarise and communicate all findings in either in realtime, video presentations, or written documents.


We will ask you for some basic information about your challenges, after which we will select experts from technical areas such as:

  • AI in practice
  • Chatbots, custom GPTs
  • APIs such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and others
  • Machine Learning and applying the right training techniques
  • Deploying open-source LLMs
  • Open Data sources, such as Kaggle, and their potential
  • Data preparation, anonymisation, and cleaning
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Simon Stegemann
Co-Founder and CEO