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About Bürgerakademie für Medienkompetenz

The European election campaign has once again demonstrated the importance of social media in democracy. Many citizens, even politicians and journalists of classical media have difficulties in dealing with the new media. For this reason CORRECTIV has developed together with the Reporterforum e.V. a citizen academy for media education - Bürgerakademie für Medienkompetenz. The aim of the project is to help educate the public: it shows the work of classical and social media in details, helps to identify disinformation, conveys journalistic knowledge and craft to every interested citizen.

Mass media nowadays are more diverse than ever before.

But never before has the public media been more unqualified. Through the targeted distribution of fake news and the negation of proven facts by leaders and populists, disinformation has increased dramatically. Every democratic society needs a functioning public sphere, otherwise, free opinion formation is no longer guaranteed. The Bürgerakademie für Medienkompetenz wants to help teach the public: it shares journalistic knowledge and craft to interested citizens, makes the work of the classical and social media transparent and makes attempts at disinformation recognizable.

The Bürgerakademie wants to contribute to the further education of every human being, to make them better in the use of the new digital possibilities of research, of telling stories, of publishing. This way, an educated society can emerge for the benefit of all - it is about the readers of tomorrow, about the public sphere of the future.

The Bürgerakademie will work together with libraries and VHS. Many courses of the Bürgerakademie are free and accessible for everyone. In addition to this there are also workshops for 5 or 15 euros.

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