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About HackyDays

The HackyDays is a joint project of Junge Tüftler and be able, a mini hackathon for schoolchildren, aiming to create formats for inclusion and digital education in schools. Through this empowerment journey, children are learning empathy, technical, creative and problem-solving skills. The fundamental question is: "What can we do for a better living together?" The HackyDays participants are trying to find creative, technical answers to this challenge, then implement the ideas and test the solutions. If you would like to learn more about Junge Tüftler and be able, follow the links to their websites.

In terms of content, we build on three areas:

Learning and innovation skills: Critical thinking | Creative thinking | Problem solving strategies | Communication | Collaboration

Educational skills: Information Literacy | Media Literacy | Technical Literacy

life and career skills: Flexibility | Initiative | Social competence | Cultural competence | Leadership | Responsibility

Support HackyDays with your skills:

- UX/UI & Graphic Designer to make sure the educational content will be well received by the young users

- Are you a wordpress hero? Web developer who can install relevant plugins?

- CRM expert

- Marketing & Crowdfunding expert

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