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About Kinderchorland

Singing in a choir not only is lots of fun. Singing in a choir is also a chance for cultural education, participation and a community-building experience. An experience, which we want to enable every child! Kinderchorland is a nationwide program, which supports motivated people to found a children's choir in their community. Via an online-platform, you will find encouraging and educational material on how to manage and conduct a choir. We share the latest pedagogical insights and tips and connect and built a strong digital network for all the inspiring doers.

A children's choir in every town

Kinderchorland is the latest program of the German Youth Choral Association ( Encouraged by their vision “a children’s choir in every town”, the program builds on the following strategies:

  • Provide online learning and networking opportunities for interested parents, choir directors and managers. The aim is to encourage people to found a children’s choir in their community and support them during the organisational, pedagogical and musical implementation.
  • The 16-month tour through Germany with a “singing-bus” to promote the program especially in rural areas, give workshops and support political lobbying for sustainable local funding.
  • Host symposiums with local partners and politicians to develop long-term, bottom-up strategies based on regional necessities.
  • The nationwide singing day every 1st of July (International Children’s Day) to create community-building experiences and raise awareness of the social impact of choir singing.

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